Come get your Thunderforged gear!

Progression: 5/13 heroic Throne of Thunder

We are a 25 man raiding guild transplanted to Zul’jin. We are looking for a 2 dps to fill out our solid raiding team on our high pop/no queue server!

Raiding Info:

Tues, Wed & Thurs
8:00-11:00 pm EST (ServerTime)
Loot System: EPGP
Server: Zul'jin (High Pop, no queue)

We are a 25man Semi- Casual Raiding Guild. To be considered you should have heroic raiding experience in previous tiers of content.

A history lesson

Originally called Audacity but now called AntiClockwise, we are a 25 man guild originally formed in 2009, We believe that it's important to play with players we're comfortable with - in both skill and personality- so we recruit solid raiders that fit in well with our guild's unique atmosphere and work well together in whatever Blizz may throw our way. We raid 3 days a week. We feel this allows the balance between the ability to maintain progress and preventing burn out through constant raiding.

DISCLAIMER: AntiClockwise is an adult guild, and the atmosphere in vent can be of an adult nature and prefer our raiders to be 18+.

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In-game Contact any officer: Kadatth, Avocado, Gunkx or Afker. If none are online, please feel free to speak with any guild member for assistance!


We respond to applications in a timely manner – please check back at our website for feedback.