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    What is your motivation to raid?

    Hello folks! I'm here to ask a pretty personal topic.

    Quite simply, what is your motivation to raid? What is the reason you spend a couple hours of your week killing bosses with 9/24 other people?

    There could be a variety of reasons. Fame, for example, if you're in a very high-ranking guild. Proving someone wrong, if for some reason they doubt you succeeding. The social factor, of doing something constructive with friends and family. Or simply put because you think it's great fun to do so?

    Share your reasons/stories here!

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    Overcoming a challenge that one cannot complete on their own but rather requires a large group of players working together as a team. I like the social aspects which had resulted in me continuing to play in WotLK and all the way into MoP. If it wasnt for that I would have stopped after BC.

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    For fun

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    Overcoming challenges both as a team though aswell the individual challenges raids have. Pushing myself to the limit of my own class working to improve my own performance.

    Most importantly the fun and social aspect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nekobaka View Post
    Overcoming a challenge that one cannot complete on their own but rather requires a large group of players working together as a team.
    Pretty much this.
    Also, doing that with close friends or nice people (who become friends with time).
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    to do something with the people ive met and gotten to know over the years.
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    downing bosses and progress. fun with my brother. gear means nothing to me. I gladly pass on gear if it means the other guy can use it more

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    Many reasons, but in the end they all lead to it being fun for me.

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    I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was....

    But really. I simply enjoy raiding. It's fun - especially if it's difficult content. A lot of the lore for raids are great too, so it's nice to see them just for that.

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    Basically just because I enjoy the company of the people I raid with. I've raided with them since ICC10, and I've known some of them since Burning Crusade even though we didn't raid together then. Plus it's fun to actually clear challenging content, and it gives me something to do on nights when I'd normally be bored.

    I probably would stop raiding if the group I was with stopped however, don't think I could be asked to go through and try to find another group somewhere.

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    The progression.

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    A better expansion.
    Fun, challenging, social environment (seriously, all of my online friends that I play games with to this day I raided with at some point in WoW).

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    Gear and because there's nothing else to do

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    Friends and loot. Standard motivation for RPG game - kill some dragon guarding some treasures in group of friends. Remove treasures and it will be boring (well, just like current raids on 10 anyway).

    Dexterity based "challenge" could go elsewhere as well, I don't care about it, as I chose RPG and not some "dance studio". RPG challenge is mostly absent in current WoW.

    Having said this, when couple my friends, with whom I raid, will decide to quit, I won't keep playing as well if game won't switch from heavy emphasize on raids. Raids per se just ain't appealing tbh.

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    Achievements. No, seriously.

    But as of early MoP I decided that I just can't afford the time investment anymore
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    I raid for titles, pets and mounts. I just wish my server had more people so I could raid more. Hopefully connected realms helps that problem.

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    It's easier/cheaper than going out at night and being social.
    That and I enjoy the feeling of finally overcoming an obstacle, i.e killing a boss/finishing a tier.
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    Blizzard offered cardboard cut outs with poster pictures of bosses stapled on them upside down and sideways and many players now feel that is raiding.

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    cuz chicks dig raiders.


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    the groupplay and kharazan when i first started now its the challenge of heroic Bosses in 25man environment
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    Having a good evening with my guildies. Eventually content will be nerfed enough that even we will finish everything!
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