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    Pve wise in general it's been solid, some bum notes like scenarios and dailies but all round pretty good. best ever? Doubtful.

    Raid wise the difficulty curve has been off, raiding in MoP has been pretty shitty for most guilds trying it. it's not even the best raid system in the last 3 years of wow, never mind of any game ever.

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    MoP PvE is decent at best. Raids are cool, not on par to WotLK/TBC though. Also you have to take into account heroics, scenarios, quests etc. which are all pretty terrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spacebot View Post
    Quality of the raids - Sure. Overall PvE and alt accesability, reward for raiding and so on - far from it.
    This exactly. BC and Wrath had the best lore imo. Wrath more so than BC. Wrath really opened up the raiding scene with multiple difficulties on multiple lockouts. It had the best balance, feel, difficulty curve (until LFD and 3.5), and 2 amazing raids that were very difficult when done as current content. Wrath remains the high water mark for me, but MoP is very very close to it. I would rate them Wrath > MoP > BC > Vanilla > Cata.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    Maybe YOU don't have doubts, but other, including myself, says the opposite..

    MoP is on a fast track to becomming the worst expansion in history of WoW...
    When MoP was released, it was on par with TBC.
    When v5.1 was released, it slip down between TBC and Cata.
    When v5.2 was released, it slip down on par with Cata.
    When v5.3 was released, it slip down between Cata and WotLK..

    Unless v5.4 is truely epic, it will slip down to the level of WotLK or possibly below....
    Really? I think you live in a parallel universe. MoP is the BEST ever created expansion for wow, ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raugnaut View Post
    What would you consider to be alt-accesability?
    Spending a hardcore weekend grinding out dungeons for decent preraid gear. If you enjoy spending week after week hoping for good luck and LFR queuing for 2 hours per toon every week, that is your problem.

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    Raids are great, difficulty is pretty good and aesthetics are of course beautiful.

    Overall experience is marred by some other factors that people have listed however.

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    in regards to pushing out content MoP can't be really questioned for being steady about releasing new stuff. With that said we'll have to see how long SoO last if that does become the last raid(I doubt it) of this expac.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raqubor View Post
    Really? I think you live in a parallel universe. MoP is the BEST ever created expansion for wow, ever.
    Hey I actually really loved WotLK. More so than BC actually. (note I didn't play vanilla, started when BC was launched)

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    Sub numbers are all you need to cast doubt on its quality.

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    enter mop.. the only thing i like about mop are some of the short wrath-like dungeons, and even some of the mop dungeons are garbage or have gauntlet events.

    -getting from 85-90 was terrible.. takes way too long for anyone who plays alts -that was eventually fixed a few patches later
    -gating behind reps and vp gear made no sense
    -golden lotus rep is still shit to get if u never got revered and got the badge(Which took 3 weeks anyway)
    -the thing i liked about wrath and kara is.. a lot of the bosses were funny.. they had way more effort involved in them. Icc was an amazing raid and so was Ulduar.. Nax was creepy for anyone with spider phobias.. (lol..) and TOTGC wasnt great but it was something atleast.. wrath had the best dungeons.. fast effective.. easy (even halls of reflection was fun and challenging) there was frost gear to obtain... amazing loot.. (muradins spyglass anyone?)
    -needing dailys just for a chance of loot dropping is retarded.. ive probly used around 100 coins before the buff came out and i managed to get 2 items from that. one was t14 legs on my mage and the other was the lfr chest.
    i dont mind them redo-ing the scarlet monastery/halls.. but they butchered the voice for the first boss. he sounds retarded now when he used to sound much better
    the constant buff/nerf/buff/nerf to the mage class ruined this expansion for me personally.

    i would easily put wraith above mop.. id even put cata above mop..( cata started out awesome but they took too long to release FL.. and screwed up with DS.. although end time was a decent dungeon, the rest of it wasnt) (xmog definitly helped out though, and raidfinder was nice although ruined in mop by the loot system change)
    BC is definitly above as well just because of the awesome raids.. and who doesnt love Silvermoon city even if we cant fly there (still)

    i still dont see what anyone likes about mop.. pet battles? i guess thats something for people instead of afking in SW/org all day they can battle. theres really nothing interesting about it.. cloud serpents would be alright if u didnt have to get exalted on every toon in order to ride them.. even if it only takes 3-5 days.

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    I've played since vanilla and I'd still say Wrath was the best x-pac all around including PVE Raids. Uldar alone is reason enough for it being the best. Naxx wasn't that great but it did have some fun bosses and it was great for those that never had the chance to do it in vanilla. Malygos was meh but its just like every in between raid tiers, definitely better than Onyxia/Magtheradon. Uldar was amazing probably the best raid to date, it never got boring for me. ToGC was pretty bad but the ToGC dailies where fun in my opinion so I didn't absolutley hate that patch like some people. ICC still is in my opinion the best end game raid in WoW, yes its not as good as Uldar but its still full of great boss fights and the design was varied. Lich King is still the hardest end game boss I've had to beat so far, not sure how hard Kil'Jaiden was when it was current since my guild never got past Muru.

    TL;DR Best to worst PvE Wrath>BC=Cata>MoP>Vanilla.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fullmetal89 View Post
    TL;DR Best to worst PvE Wrath>BC=Cata>MoP>Vanilla.
    Personally, for me it's more like Cata= BC > Wrath> MoP. ( I actually damn loved Cata, not sure why it gets all the hate :'( other than DS, it was terrible ) ( I actually about love the 3 first as much, just MoP I really do not like )
    Not actually sure where vanilla fits in there since I started with BC.

    But yeah, I don't like the catching up mechanisms in MoP, if we're gonna fast track to actual raid, I prefer the Cata way with harder dungeons like Za-Zg rather than farming a parody of past raids, that kind of dungeon also prepares you better for raid than LFR does.
    I was already whining about the LFR difficulty being way too low in Cata and I feel they lowered it even more in MoP

    The loot system not showing who gets what and not having to speak about mechanics also makes me feel like I'm playing alone.

    This amount of dailies for valor gear... what were they even thinking when they implemented that. It's not fun content. I'm not gonna log in to do dailies, while I would log in to farm quite a few dungeons a week.

    I actually kinda liked the dungeons at first in MoP, I mean, they had fun mechanics, were also funny, just a bit too low on difficulty. Does not have to be as hard as Cata dungeons, but right now it's too easy for them to be enjoyable long-term. Sadly they chose not to add dungeon, that actually made me really sad ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lazzy View Post

    MoP is bland. The story sucks, the Chinese theme was terrible and the colors my god, I've never seen entire zones be one color.
    Nagrand, neterstorm, shadowmoon valley, terrokar forrest, blades edge, zangmarsh and hellfire all say hi.

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    Yep, in my opinion it is. Never had this much fun with or use for my alts, NEVER been out of goals to pursue on my main and raids have given me tons of fun. Not a single thing in WOTLK or Cata holds a candle to it in my book, and as for TBC...same shit really, some people have different tastes but claiming for a fact that something was the best is just arrogant as hell.

    In my opinion, MoP is the best so far. I'm very happy to feel this way.
    Ever noticed how it seems impossible to make Classic sound good, without first attempting to make current WoW sound bad?

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    If you truly think BC had the best raid content ever, you're truly delusional or lying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brakthir View Post
    If you truly think BC had the best raid content ever, you're truly delusional or lying.
    PvE =/= raids

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItcheeBeard View Post
    Nagrand, neterstorm, shadowmoon valley, terrokar forrest, blades edge, zangmarsh and hellfire all say hi.
    At least those zones gave you the ILLUSION of being in a far away place and being somewhere exotic. It wasn't until you started to actively look behind the curtain so to speak until you realized they were just recolors and repaints. Well I do'nt have to look behind the curtain in Mists. It's all the same fucking shit when you walk through it. Nothing exotic or WOW about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    Normal should be reduced in difficulty. Heroic should be reduced in difficulty.
    And the tiny fraction for whom heroic raids are currently well tuned? Too bad,so sad! With the arterial bleed of subs the fastest it's ever been, the vanity development that gives you guys your own content is no longer supportable.

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    I tend to agree that MoP is the best PvE expansion so far. It has lots of things to do for a wide variety of people: hc raids for hardcore crowd, normal raids for semi-hardcore and casuals, LFR for casuals, those who can't afford being in a raiding guild and alts, world bosses, hc dungeons, challenge modes, scenarios, dailies, pet battles, brawler's guild etc as additional content for everyone to not get bored. No matter what your playstyle is, you'll most likely find something suitable for you to do. That was not the case in any previous expansion.
    As for the flaws, i see just two major ones. First, 85-90 questing, while great when you do it first time, is way too linear and gets old very fast when you try to level all of your alts. And second, 5.3 was... lacking. It had some nice story, but the whole Barrens event had too little content in it, and that content is hardly repeatable. The rewards are also uninspiring. I mean who would want to grind a set of gear which already exists in the game? Can't understand why didn't they introduce unique sets for the event.
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    I didnt even think about how world bosses crash my server every couple hours or whenever Oondasta spawns. Another checkmark against this expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dd614 View Post
    PVE also includes terrible heroics, broken challenge modes, boring scenarios and the horde of garbage dailies that were introduced. So no, it isn't the best PVE expansion.

    BC is still the best PVE expansion.
    BC was a nice expansion but for the vast majority it's PvE was a pile of broken, imbalanced utter shit. WotLK and even Cataclysm are far far better expansions than TBC when you are talking from a raiding perspective.
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    nope MoP is even worse then cata was and there I allready thought it CANT get any worse and then there as Mop....

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