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    Disc priest or RShaman for Shadowcleave set up

    Hello all,

    This season and comming season we're trying to get higher rating in 3s .
    Now i run with Unh DK and Affli lock.
    My question as stated in the titled is actually for m concern with the DR on the fears with afli / priest
    And keeping 2 ppl up looks like it's a bit easier with Shaman.
    Now i've seen the buffs for Disc and the buffs for Shaman , so im kinda in a mid here on wich would be best for this setup in 5.4

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    Druid probably be best, but yeah, out of those 2 choices Shaman.

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    above 2.2k, disc; else, rshaman

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    From Darkness, Comes Light now procs off of any healing spell, not just Flash Heal, Binding Heal or Greater Heal.

    Lol, disc. For any comp, anywhere. WHY ARE THEY GETTING BUFF AFTER BUFF.

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    Thanks alot for the replies !
    after the patchnotes it does seem like priest would be the way to go

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    There is currently another thread on this exact topic on the first page of the pvp forum. At this point I would lean towards disc cause they are currently/looking very OP for 5.4. Rshams do have better synergy with this comp but if disc is that much better, as it is now, disc will probaly win out. Wont be able to tell for sure till 5.4 drops though

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    Priest. They are so broken atm.

    This comp is about being able to survive and out last for a fair while until you're pressure completely overwhelms them. Priest will be best.

    Playing with a shaman - he'll just get trained all game by hunter/feral, hunter/ret, hunter/dk, shaman/mage etc. and be useless.

    I played this comp this season to 1900 with a resto druid but after that we found we just kept getting annihilated in CC bursts of Disc/Hunter/XXX.

    They'd trap our druid (1/2 the time I (dk) would sit the trap). However as soon as they'd get one decent trap off on our druid it was pretty much GG. The lock would just get trained all game making him put out little damage and CC.

    Scatter > trap > HoJ > SilS/Fear = GG

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