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    I played it for like half a year:

    ENJOY the game!

    Dont rush max lvl!

    Take ur time on quests, look around, read item descriptions!

    DONT use PUGs for Dungeons..rly just dont do it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArMeD_SuRvIvOr View Post
    I find myself in the same position. It's kinda... dull? I dunno how to put it. I tried PvP too, but I got a full set of gear and got leveled up temporarily when I got into a battleground or w/e they are called in GW2... what's the drive to gear up in this game then? Got instantly bored. I dunno how to keep myself attached to this game really.
    That's the game's biggest selling point. Not everyone enjoys having to grind gear over and over before fun's even possible. I love almost everything about this game in concept, not needing gear, no healers, having fewer but more diverse abilities, etc. But sadly I didn't find the gameplay itself too fun, especially for the casters. Plus, the lack of factions, and the fact that my computer can't run it too smoothly hurt as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArMeD_SuRvIvOr View Post
    I find myself in the same position. It's kinda... dull? I dunno how to put it. I tried PvP too, but I got a full set of gear and got leveled up temporarily when I got into a battleground or w/e they are called in GW2... what's the drive to gear up in this game then? Got instantly bored. I dunno how to keep myself attached to this game really.
    I don't understand how this is a problem. IMHO, if you need a gear grind as an incentive to pvp then the game is doing it wrong, you should pvp because it is fun not because you get gear. With that being said I understand the want to gain new and cool looking armor sets and that is exactly what GW2 provides from pvping. If they had made it a gear grinding system people would qq about not being on the same playing field as those that have been playing all along. One thing I dislike about wow is how much of a problem they are having with gear and stats concerning pvp and in this respect I firmly believe GW2 has done it right.

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    I see this question a lot, both here and on the gw2 subreddit. Not sure why people get stuck on this aspect of the game. Explore, enjoy the scenery. If you're "bored," try Queensdale or the new living story zone Lab Cliffs (you are automatically scaled up to 80). Both are full of events and people. There's no farming needed. Each level has at least 2 zones you can choose from to level up in. There's something new every 2 weeks; how people can get bored with this game I will never understand. /endrant
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    Don't get me wrong. I don't like those grindy quests. But a strict progress is a must have for me in a game. but ofc that is my personal opinion.
    So, GW2 is obviously not my type of game by the looks of it.

    Thanks for the response people

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    Oh and don't forget your story! It is quite hard once in a while, but it helps for a fresh breeze in the early levels XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by axaklelie View Post

    First thing. I often find myself w/o any quests to do, and I'm forced to wait on events to happen so I can level to do more quests. Is it really supposed to be like this? Having to just sit and wait for things to happen is mainly the only reason I got bored.
    The thing with GW2 is your expected to see all the content so when you start running out of hearts go to Lionsarch and hop a portal to another capital and start their starting zone. If I remember correctly there are like 2 zones per race before they start to intertwine. There are also events that come with the patchs that you can do because you are boosted to 80 though they can be tricky when you lack feats and stats on your gear, but some are doable.

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    ^ Exactly.
    GW2 is also 'build' that way so you won't be overloaded with everything possible. I mean, think back when you started other characters on mmo's. Wasn't it just like that? Constantly discovering new things... but boring as hell in the first few levels.

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    I honestly didn't care for it as much either and I was playing the first month when it was pretty heavily populated and events were going off frequently. It has its strengths and it's not a bad game, but it didn't keep me hooked.

    I felt the pacing on the main story quests were poorly done. Rather than "they're going to invade the city and kill the queen" at the start of a quest, it ENDED a quest with it. So you got "They're going to invade the city and kill the queen!!!!..........why don't you go explore another area and kill some wolves or something for a while and come back later to deal with it?"

    Just the pacing and when they presented the next bread crumb for the ongoing story felt disjointed to me, but that could very much be personal opinion.

    I also didn't care for the character models. Too many clothes, and especially the pets for the ranger, looked like glossy plastic for my tastes.

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    This might sound ridiculous, but I never want to play another MMO with leveling again. I feel like the entire game world should be explorable as soon as you log in. I think GW2 did a good job with scaling levels, but it wasn't enough. Don't get me wrong there were a lot of things I loved about the game, but I can't help that it just didn't interest me. If you feel like you are forcing yourself to play a game, I think that sort of defeats the purpose. I tried because I'm a fan of the artists who worked on the game: Kekai and Dociu, but it wasn't enough to get past the unpolished combat system, which is something WoW is still king at.

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    If you don't like the start your not gonna like the rest, i was an avid gw2 hater when it came out however it's really improved and fixed the faults i had with it at launch, currently got 86% map completion just missing orr/ WvW

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    ? The combat system is one of the game's biggest strengths.

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    My first suggestion is to just go to another starter zone and work on hearts there, since you don't want to wait for events in the zone you're at.

    My other suggestion is to try another class. The classes all have a different feel to them, so try a few of them out maybe. I have a lot more fun on my guardian and elementalist than anything else, and elementalists was one of the last classes I was interested in when the game launched.

    Another suggestion would be to try WvW, look for a good commander on the map and follow him around. You don't really need to know how to play your class when you're just following around a big zerg. Toss out some AoEs, try to tag as many players as you can, participate in all the random events the zerg comes across, and that's about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spraxle View Post
    Really GW2 is all about exploring. You wander around in the zones finding the different 'quest hubs' and doing the stuff there/near there. It's a totally different experience from the typical questing. If you can't get into that then yeah the games not going to be very fun. I lvl'd a few toons in GW2 and I don't remember having to travel around a lot, basiclly I was able to stay in the 'human' zones and just lvl to cap on those. But it is very possible to travel to the different lands and do quests/events there for xp.

    The game has a very heavy emphasis on exploration. If you can embrace that then it's easy. If you can't well... you'll probably have a bad time.
    Basically this, the game originally didn't have hearts during the beta and you were meant to explore and find things to do. It might also be that you are having bad luck, when I leveled my first character I never had a time where I was just searching for an event to happen. I'm not sure what the timers on the events are but I seemed to see them all the time, then again I haven't leveled a character in a long time either.

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    Get crafting and do story misions upon each level up, explore starting zones and do events, get skillpoints and have fun, actually wvw is quite a good place to lvl up quickly

    ---This was taken from a thread I made the first months the game came out---
    Quote Originally Posted by barackopala View Post
    As far as I've seen on this forum, new players have been commenting about their experiences with this game, some are rather positive in certain aspects that others consider them their weakest spot, but now lets talk about a big mistake everyone is doing (even I did it when critizicing the game and lots of people too) this is the way Dynamic Events work and how they have a "lack of storyline or depth" claiming that the game just throws you random events to protect the dolyak or do A-B-C without any context whatsoever... let me tell you this idea is wrong, why will you say? It's quite simple: It's the mentality you're used to play with.

    "Mentality" we are used to play with?

    -This image sums up pretty much what we're used to see on our common MMO-RPG, directed questlines, you can be helping farmer johnson to kill his bears while your friend that's 1 level ahead of you already killed those bears and is now helping him to repair his lands, this breaks the immersion from a "global perspective", the idea of phasing is amazingly good when looked as a single player experience but if you look it from the outside it ends up a bit too immersion breaking. Keep in mind guild wars2 is not totally safe from this idea, having hearts as this sort-of single player model can be also critiziced by it, but you can say the hearts end up being sort of "war efforts" where you have to help your desired "heartgiver" (still can be critiziced, traditional mmo-rpg style is a bit too stagnant in this point).

    Now up with Dynamic Events and it's storyline:
    -Dynamic events (as the name says) are events, they are meant to be done not individually but as an event it's meant to be done with other people, it's not necessary to have a party or some sort of communication, people will help you, this game does this extremely well (you can discuss if newcomers have more trouble finding lowbies but that's up for another discussion that A-Net will have to lead sooner or later).
    The way Dynamic Events work is that they end up happening without your necessary intervention, some cases might not apply, some scort events have to be "triggered" by talking to the starting npc, which ends up making a Dynamic Event chain! Which ends up being a STORYLINE that you can follow if you're cautious, the storyline is "hidden" in the events themselves by talking to npc's or following the start of the chain (which most of the time it's complicated due to you not arriving at the start but you can get a general idea on what you have to do and why you do it in that specific moment).

    Now let me present a video that explains how dynamic events work, this will present some examples and the idea I presented above:

    PS: Sorry for any spelling mistakes, english is not my native language, if anyone would like to correct me on the exact wording please do so.
    PS2: Could a mod change the "Dinamic" wording on the thread into "Dynamic"? Just notticed my typo error
    Keep in mind there are a lot of activities to do not just quests or hearts in the game.
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    Also do some jumping puzzles, they are really challenging and fun at the same time :P Was like 20people trying to do the aetherblade jumping puzzle when i found it :P

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    I liked the concept, and I was impressed with how it was built to combat the massive negatives that people were vocal about with WoW (the lack of the holy trinity was exciting), but what let it down for me was the poor combat and the pseudo-Asian style art. Don't get me wrong, first time I went to Lions Arch I was blown away by the size and beauty of it, but I felt that the outdoor zones looked awful compared to the cities.

    Along with finding the combat a bit dull, I also found myself disliking the classes. I was quite sad about it as I was hoping it would offer a better gaming experience than WoW but for me it didn't deliver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zed zebes View Post
    Get out of the WoW mindset.
    I think this is the biggest issue for a lot of folks.

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    i like GW2 when i get bored with WoW, we cleared the current tier. i finished Lore master, i dnt find PvP really interresting atm. so i generally do my mount grinds for that day/farm and prehaps 1 Hc scen.

    after that i play something else like GW2, the exploring is lots of fun. the "dynamic" events are often okay if they dont repeat itself too often when im near it.
    my biggest problem is whenever an event is clearly designed for a group and even if i call it out on the map channel no one shows up and im just unable to do it.
    that and the Lack of Quests, yeah i know events should take their place with Hearts to be filler if none is up. but i just love questing, in my opion WoW really got it right here when it comes too the amount of quest in MMO's. something that GW2 and other MMO's seem too lack and give you grinds instead.

    but beside that im enjoy playing it time from time, especially exploring. i always try too complete a map before moving on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by axaklelie View Post
    First thing. I often find myself w/o any quests to do, and I'm forced to wait on events to happen so I can level to do more quests. Is it really supposed to be like this? Having to just sit and wait for things to happen is mainly the only reason I got bored.
    Yes. The leveling process is supposed to be free-form, non-linear and not dictated by quests. Technically, there is only one series of quests in the game- the personal story. Which is purposefully designed to have large level gaps between it's various stages.

    In other words, you are suppose to enjoy roaming around the world for it's own sake primarily.

    Is there anything else to do?
    - Events
    - Mini games
    - 2 forms of PVP
    - Jumping puzzles
    - 2 forms of dungeons
    - Exploration
    - Crafting
    - Economy

    At max level the game does not change. You do the same things at level 80 as you did at 13, 30, 56, or 72.

    None of the 5 Guild Wars games have vertical post level cap progression or a bimodal endgame. None.

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