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    Question about S13 gear purchase when 5.4 comes out...

    When 5.4 comes out, you can buy S13 gear w/ honor points. It looks like there is three sets for each class? Can you buy all three sets? Most importantly, can you buy weapons - if so, is there three of those as well?

    Thanks for the replies, I haven't played in a bit and thinking of coming back for a few.

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    Does anyone know what they did last season?

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    Malevont ( now the Honor gear) will be gone and most likely return as crafted gear.
    Tyranical gear ( Now Conquest gear ) will be moved to honor point.
    Tyranical elite will not be available anymore.
    New season set will be available for qonquest point.
    New season elite will be availble for qonquest points after achieved a rating or 25k qonquest that we don't know yet.

    As for weapons ,
    Malevont will most likely be gone.
    Tyranical for honor points ( But there is only 1 Crossbow , 1 2h sword and an axe, there is yet a mace to be found.) This will be the only pvp weapons buy able besides qonquest.
    New season weapons for qonquest
    New season weapons elite for qonquest after achieving a rating or 25k qonquest, we don't know yet.

    Or well that is what happend last season with dreadfull , malevont and tyranical. So i expect it to be the same.
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    There is only on level of Tyranical weapons correct? Last season, were all weapons available for purchase by honor?

    Thanks for your first reply!

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