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    What comp to play patch 5,4

    I know its a bit early to say, but me and my friends decided to start playing again. And were gonna try playing some serious arenas. I play ret and hunter. But not sure yet what to play with thought of my partners. They play DK and priest. So its me-DK-Priest so what would you reccomend for next season, ret or hunter for this comp? thanks for all answears.

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    well, Hunter/DK/healer is one of the top comps atm.
    so i'm guessing they will also be good in 5.4.
    as far as i know non of those classes get nerfed, only some buffs (priest for sure)
    Ret imo isnt that great with DK/Healer. tho ret got buffed allot.
    used to play Ret/DK/Rshammy in Cata, wasnt the best :P lots of burst but if shit didnt die in the burst
    we died instead :P

    so i would say: BMhunter/UnholyDK/Disc

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    Pick my comp threads ain't really allowed. Closing this.

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