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    Manually Skinning DBM

    So I'd like to make DBM's look fit the rest of my UI. I found a couple of addons that can change the skinning on it, but none of them really match my UI. They're much nicer than the default skinning, but still not what I'm looking for. Anyway, I opened up the DBT file and found how to manually change the start and end bar color, and you can change the bar texture with the in game config, so those I'm set with. There's three things I'd still like to change, and I was wondering if someone might know how to adjust these.

    1) I'd like to change the bar fonts. I found the code in the lua file:

    Font = {
    	type = "string",
    	default = STANDARD_TEXT_FONT,

    However, I'm not sure what "STANDARD_TEXT_FONT" is referring to.

    2) I'd like to change the background bar texture/alpha, if possible. I didn't find any code dealing with the background at all in the DBT lua file, so I'm not even sure where to start here.

    3) I'd also like to add a border to the bars (and icon?). Again, didn't find anything at all dealing with borders, so not sure where to start, or even if it's possible to change.

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    Not tried to do myself yet, but BgDBM-Skin and QuseBossStyles might be worth looking at.

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    I've seen both of those. I suppose I could try Quse, it's somewhat close to what I'd like for the look. Would have to change it to get rid of the pixel font, which he actually gives instructions on how to do on the add-on page, and change the coloring, which isn't too difficult.

    However, that's not quite what I was looking for. I already have a skin add-on like that that I'm using. I was more interested if anyone knew how to manually adjust the lua for the 3 things I mentioned, or if the second 2 things are even possible without an add-on like Quse.

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    I'd say it'd be a lot easier to write it up in an addon like Quse's so you don't have to modify it every time you update DBM. I don't use DBM, but I've done the same thing with BigWigs, and I simply modified the code in QuseWigs to what I wanted it to be.

    The font thing is easy though, simply change the STANDARD_TEXT_FONT to the path of the font you want to use. "Fonts\\ARIALN.TTF" for example, or "Interface\\AddOns\\SomeAddon\\Font\\font.ttf"

    You can change border and bg alpha in DBM-DefaultSkin\TimerSkin.xml.
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    Thanks so much Lissa. I'll take your advice and download Quse and try to edit that, first. If I'm not able to do what I'm looking for there, I'll check out the file you pointed me to.

    I know I'd have to make the changes on every update, which certainly isn't optimal, but it might be worth it, depending how difficult it really is and how close I can get it to what I'm looking for. Would definitely prefer not to have to do that, though, so I'll try Quse first.

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