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    5.4 Arena healers: Druid or Disc or Gtfo?

    From what I have been seeing, it seems like in 5.4 if your not an rdruid or a disc then you are severely gimping your team as a healer.

    Currently, Disc and Rdruids are the 2 best healers (some would argue sham is better than druid, but we will get to that). Now, both discs and rdruids are getting huge buffs in 5.4 with the current notes. Genesis and NS baseline for druids, DI and FDCL and reflective shield buffs for disc, among other things.

    Looking at the other healers, hpallys are getting some minor buffs but not nearly enough to put them on par with druids or priests. Rshams are getting some healing buffs but a, imo, massive nerf in the loss of totemic restoration. The only reason people even seem to bring rshams is a 30 second tremor and low cd grounding. I honestly don't know enough about monks to understand what their changes mean, but I imagine at best they will be ok like they are now.

    Basically, the current best healers are getting huge buff and the others are left in the dust. Anyone else seeing this or am I crazy to think that disc and rdruids are going to be the only really viable healers in 5.4.

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    Its going to be priests and druids up at the top, the others somewhere mediocre. You cannot really order the last place healers, depends on comps entirely.

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    Any healer is always good depending on the comp and the synergy with the other classes in the comp. I have seen every single healer in a rank 1 position this season. Priest and Druid healers are just generally better with a larger majority of comps because their CC doesn't share DR with a lot of classes. One thing I'm interested to see is how well holy paladins will slot into a bunch of different comps now that they have a CC that is seemingly off DR with a TON of classes.

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    The main issue with paladins is not there teams cc, but it is there own weakness to cc.

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    Rdruids are broken atm on ptr, you can heal for 500k+ with the shroom every 20 sec or so, I don't think this is working as intended.

    And yeah paladins are weak, it's easy to cc them, it's easy to burst them down, they don't have reliable instant ccs, they don't have a lot of offensive potential (as opposed to mass and offensive dispell/clone on low hp target and HOTW).

    Monks won't be ok at all with the 50% nerf on mana tea.

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    MORE buffs to Disc which is already overpowered as hell. Either they are actively trying to push people away from pvp or they
    are having a collective stroke. No way in hell im resubscribing to wow unless they fix retarded op specs like disc...

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    Seriously I dont know what they are thinking with the disc buffs. With the new FDCL and DI, the only cast time spell a disc will ever need to cast is penance. Between shields, DI shields, penance, pom, renew, FDCL procced instant flashes, you will hardly ever need to cast again. Hell a single penance can proc FDCL and and already gets guaranteed DI shield. That and we have low spirit in pvp gear so the rapture change is actually a buff to mana regen.

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    I have every intention of playing Disc and abusing the fuck out of it in 5.4. I love my Druid, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be shelved pending further notice. Even though RDruid is quite strong, Disc just looks absolutely disgusting.

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    let's be real, 4 seasons of lock/shaman/x was getting old

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    This isn't really anything new. Druids are the only class in the game that has at least one spec completely dominating in arenas. When it's not feral it's moonkin or Resto.

    People often draw their attention to Mages, but they have had their wings clipped for the first time since vanilla, now we have to turn our sights to the Druids.

    Discs are even more OP than Druids, but given their track record, I'm not worried because I know Blizz will be nerfing them down pretty hard. Why? Because they aren't Druids.
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