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    Quote Originally Posted by Thetruth1400 View Post
    I agree with the OP. Legendary used to mean the item was actually rare, now it only means it's more powerful then the other items of the same slot.

    I'd love to see a middle ground between the extreme rarity of the first legendary items which were based exclusively on luck, and the new model, where you craft them. Something akin to a 5% drop rate, not a 0.5% one, in which you have to collect either a set amount of them or a set amount of different items to make said item. Ex: Making a sword you'd have to find the handle, the hilt, and several parts of the blade, all with low drop rates.

    Except it doesn't take any work at all. There was a video not too long ago on here of a rogue who did absolutely nothing on most fights, auto attacked on others, and was kicked exactly twice from the LFR. He was keeping up with those others that were actually putting in time and effort, and in the end he will be able to AFK his way through LFR and end up with the same legendary as others. Sure, he might get it a bit after those players, but he's still getting it. It's not about the work, it's about the luck of getting the drops in LFR, that's it.
    He still needs to do the solo parts of the questlines. Farm rep, do your scenarios. That's still some effort. Relying on RNG to get drops in a raid takes no effort anyway (aside from the boss dying more quickly and your time being spent more efficiently - so, it's basically stupid of you to AFK through LFR because you're slowing things down, even if it's only marginally so. Albeit, if half the raid thinks so and the other half isn't geared enough to carry them all, there'll be trouble, yes even in lol-afk-lfr). It's the other parts of the questline, the ones that you do solo that advance the story as well, that make it legendary.

    That said, I don't mind grinding for legendaries either. Bring it on. I wish I could have grinded those blasted runestones.

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    I think it's kind of subjective in this thread, since you can see legendary's being legendary in earlier expansions because of:
    - how hard they are to get
    - how much time you need to put into it
    - how much luck you must have for a simple drop
    - they were available to a selected target group

    The statements above are the reasons they are very rare, yet in this expansion everyone who does at least LFR have the opportunity to get it, only when they put the effort in it, while doing a great questline through the whole expansion and it's patches. And to keep up you have to be around quite some time.

    The fact I think people are complaining legendary isn't legendary anymore is not that all people are walking around with them, but all people are able to get it with the same effort, which is still very time consuming and needs dedication.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistahwilshire View Post

    By Sunwell, everyone that could wield Glaives in my raid comp had them. Same with TFury and Sulf by the time we finished BWL.

    The good guilds that stuck together like mine considered it a normal part of getting best in slot.
    Well RNG can be a nice or shitty thing at times.
    On June 5th 2007, Nihilum managed to get the World First Illidan Stormrage kill, but they have been really unlucky with warglaives drop rate until 2 days ago, after a whole year of farming, Warglaive of Azzinoth finally dropped off Illidan on June 10th 2008. Congratulations to Cloze and Nihilum, the presence of two former Forte members probably 'helped'.
    That means that Nihilum had to go into Sunwell at a notable disadvantage from other top world guilds in one of the most tightly tuned raids.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post
    Everyone has legendary in diablo 3 yet its still legendary.

    Point is, you don't get to define it.
    "Rare" items aren't rare anymore. When you level you are decked out in "rare" items all the way. I guess we don't get to define that one either?

    It's not the number of people who can get it, it's the work that you put into it to get it. It's the best quality and it is top tier overall, it takes long hours of work and it is supposed to be special as aside to just a normal epic item.
    Sigh... What work? You were going to do LFR anyway and you would have gotten valor points by doing whatever you liked anyway. They even nerfed parts to nothing. You can now solo a questmob that previously required a raid team to kill.

    Everyone who plays the game gets it unless you only play WoW for pet battles. If it was so much work then not that many people would be getting it.

    I rather have a legendary with fun quests that require teamwork and benefit a whole raidgroup with like a raidwide buff. So one or two players getting the item but being able to buff groups with it so that the others who helped them also have some sort of feeling they got something.

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    If it's orange, it's legendary.

    The end.

    What you are trying to say is the legendary isn't unique if everyone has it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistahwilshire View Post

    By Sunwell, everyone that could wield Glaives in my raid comp had them. Same with TFury and Sulf by the time we finished BWL.

    The good guilds that stuck together like mine considered it a normal part of getting best in slot.
    After a year of farming with luck. Or are you now going to say that didn't take that much effort?

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    Quote Originally Posted by madassa648 View Post
    You're not a special snowflake who has something uber unique and can stand around outside the AH showing it off now. Oh well. Moving on.
    That's what I hear from most of the "But it isn't REALLY legendary!" crowd. What is it, then? An uncommon? An epic? It isn't rare, but the item quality is classified as legendary. Rarity and quality are 2 different thing and don't always go hand in hand.

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    Depends on how you look at the game.

    When I play through WoW, I look at it as -MY- character is the one that completed the quests and killed the bosses and is the one refereed to when "the adventurer" gets refereed to in quests or lore.

    If I see somebody else hanging around in a questing zone...well, he's just "some guy that's hanging around". Likewise, when my character got his 5.3 cloak, -MY- character is Wrathion's champion, and is the one that got the Celestial blessed cloak. Those other people I see in Stormwind? Nope, they didn't get it, because -I- did.

    Legendary means the item is just that. It DOES NOT mean "exclusive to a few". I really don't get why the game needs to have stuff feel exclusive, its a game for fun, not a tool to make you feel special.

    This design is so much better as it means we all get to experience the storyline. I was a bit annoyed when I did the 1st stage of the Firelands legendary, for example, which was really cool!...but then I realized that unless I came back much later, I was going to miss out on experiencing the cool story stuff. (If you're going to claim every single person in your raid team was able to have the legendary fully farmed up before Dragonsoul, I'll show you a person that's lying)

    Same for Fangs of the father. Reading about it just isn't the same as playing it. Hell, as my main is a Warrior, I felt a little put out that Wrathion had no history with my toon, because of the design of the Legendary. Now when Wrathion pops up again in future xpacs, we all know who he is. Not just peeps like us (face it, the fact that you come to a WoW forum means you probabaly care enough to bother reading up on stuff like the Dragonsoul legendary), but all the "normal" players too.

    AT the end of the day, you just need to approach stuff like the WoW storyline from a single player approach. Your character did all the things, killed all the bosses. The raids? That wasn't every wow player ever, that was "you and your friends".

    At the end of the day, no matter how hard something is made, there is always going to be someone else who achieves it. And then the next patch comes along and nobody cares about whatever it was you did anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vep View Post
    What I'm trying to say is: Blizzard absolutely ruined legendary items, in my eyes. It used to feel epic when you could go all like "FU Ragnaros, now I got your weapon! HA!".
    It was not legendary when you got it from sheer dumb luck.
    Dropped legendaries could be received for a fraction of the effort someone else puts in, who should by right be way more worthy of it.
    People add a meaning to rarity where there isn't one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistahwilshire View Post

    By Sunwell, everyone that could wield Glaives in my raid comp had them. Same with TFury and Sulf by the time we finished BWL.

    The good guilds that stuck together like mine considered it a normal part of getting best in slot.
    I call bullshit on TFury by the time you ended BWL, just no way. It took my guild over one year to get a single binding, there is no way you got all your tanks, fury warrs and rogues all these drops.


    Even trying to compare the effort those old legendaries required to the cloak, proves how dumb you are.

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    I got my mainhand warglaive at my 1st illidan kill in 2008 it felt so god damn legendary but the sad part is that i got offhand 4 years later february 2012 so ye pure luck is not rly what should define legendary items , on the other hand i still love the warglaives and i still get to use them in raid once a hour with the mirror image item u take from rare mobs in pandaria.

    Now i rng is bad in order to get legendary if u have to wait 4ever to get them but then again the current system is not good either is actually horrible that u can /afk in lfr and get the same item like any1 else who actually works for it .
    Imo blizzard should make legendary as a raid quest so that the entire raid works towards 1-2 legendary items that give raid wide buffs or help the raid in a way not to make u epeen more on reccount

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    Everyone has it? Please.

    You have NO IDEA how many people out there don't have the Meta gem yet, much less the cloak. There are still people without the 500stat gem. Next time you enter a ToT LFR or PUG, ask around how others are, you'll be surprised.
    Quote Originally Posted by Qieth
    I don't do math, blind assumptions work so much better for me.

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    The only thing that makes an item legendary is the colour of its item quality. (That being orange.)

    Some were drops from raid bosses. Some were quests. Some were a combination of quests and raid boss drops.
    The fact that the legendary in MoP is attainable by virtually anyone (given enough time and effort) does not break this trend, because given enough time and effort, you could have any of the other legendaries in large quantity too.

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    IMO, not everyone has a piece of legendary. Alot of my friends who played the game since vanilla don't.
    I think its a very nice gesture to actually allow their players to finally be able to own one. They didnt have to do it.
    In fact, it is easier to just make another class based Legendary and call it a day.
    I don't own any legendaries, won't be owning the cloak, but I appreciate what they are doing. ^.^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batmoonn View Post
    im very happy with never receiving a legendary. But on the other hand , imagine being the only person on the server with it ?
    Imagine the more real reality of you being the only person on the server without it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by madassa648 View Post
    You're not a special snowflake who has something uber unique and can stand around outside the AH showing it off now. Oh well. Moving on.
    You can now pretend to be one and stop being jeaulous of someone having better and more rare virtual items.

    Next expansion you will get legendaries for killing one mob. Don't start complaining then.

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    I like the current design actually. It rewards players who have invested quite some time into it over the full expansion, and that Celestial Challenge may be a block for people in LFR gear.

    Tbh I also liked the Dragonwrath/Fangs design, where as a guild you help a guy getting the legendary, but the problem with that is always the major guild drama that ensues over who you give it too. There is always people gonna be very disappointed over "not being the chosen one."

    The 1% drop rate things were just stupid imho.

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    There was nothing fun about getting my first Binding of the Windseeker in early 2008 and my second one in mid 2012, farming almost every week.
    In that time I saw several Death Knights who already got Thunderfury.

    I started farming for Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros in 2007, I finally got the Eye of Sulfuras in December 2012.
    In that time I also saw several Death Knights with Sulfuras.

    That's not legendary, it's tedious RNG.

    The new system takes a large amount of luck out of the process and allows anyone willing to put in the dedication to get the rewards.

    Legendary doesn't mean rare, it means important piece of lore.

    • The sword wielded by Thunderaan
    • The mace wielded by Ragnaros
    • The Blades wielded by Illidian
    • The staff wielded by Medivh
    • The axe forged to match Frostmourne
    • The favors of the last of the Black Dragonflight.
    • Admittedly Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury is a bit of a black sheep.

    Please stop using the "it's legendary so it should be rare" excuse, if being legendary was about the number of them, then they should be server-unique.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post
    Everyone has legendary in diablo 3 yet its still legendary.

    Point is, you don't get to define it.
    No but Blizzard does. Not so long ago one of blues pointed how Legendaries would get to common if they would allow them to get transmogrified. The current state of those cloaks goes directly against what Blizzard said through blues. The argument OP bases it on is exactly what blues said. What's your take on that reader of this post?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blutelf View Post
    Legendary does not have to be unique though. I can understand that you maybe want it to be, but in that case there is also a very high risk that you will never get one. Are you happy with that?
    You will never get it only if you stop trying to get it. If it is possible to get it, then you can get it if you put in whatever it takes to get it. At the end the question is: Are you willing to whatever it takes to get it?
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    The item is more powerful than items of the same slot of epic quality. The item takes some luck, grinding (sigils, secrets, runestones, reputation, test of valor) to obtain. The item takes quite some time to obtain (the aforementioned grinds that span all the content patches of this expansion). The item has you take a personal challenge that no one can help you with (you can argue this one is easy, but that'll heavily depend on how skilled you are AND how much you overgear the challenge).

    It seems to me this item fills all the pre-requesites to be a legendary. Legendary is an item quality, it defines power, not rarity. This legendary will be more common than previous legendaries, that's a given (at least I think it will, I haven't seen that many people outside of raiding guilds with cloaks though, so I'm just guessing). Another aspect of a legendary item is lore. Out of all the legendaries in the game to this day, only one didn't fulfill the lore part: Thori'dal. That one legendary is, truly, the single worst legendary ever in this game. Oh sure, you had to take the monumental effort of beating Kil'jaeden to have a chance at obtaining one. But if you were good enough for that... then what? It was inferior to the Golden Bow of Quel'thalas. It was no more than a stat stick for rogues. Not only that, but the lore surrounding it? Non-existant. It was literally crapped out of nowhere. It was hard to obtain, but that's about it. Yet... it was still a legendary item. Why? That's the quality it was given.

    Rarity and prestige don't make a legendary at all. Perhaps they did in Classic. Perhaps even Glaives could be said to be rare, although by Sunwell release they were kinda all over the place (you wouldn't see them as much as the cloak though, since 1) they were a random drop and only one person could take them at a time, and 2) only two classes out of 9 could use them at the time, not to mention that they were a set, so if RNG hated you, you'd walk around with half of the set for ages). The item's relative power compared to others of the same type, the fact that the item's quality actually is superior, and the lore surrounding it make it far more defining than "oh lulz, it's rare so it's a worthy legendary".
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