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    Quote Originally Posted by Brainsnack View Post
    It must be a personal thing, because everything in this expansion has worked for me. Although this still doesn't make it my favorite expansion, it did offer enough to keep me going without getting bored.

    That said, I haven't been online for little over a week though
    Same here. Have one alt to keep me entertained till next tier ^^,

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    people wanated more content and boy did Mists delivered. Even today my main did not do everything this expansion has to offer. With 5.4 I realistically could have the patch last for 6-8 months without running out of things to do.

    as many have pointed out the "i would love this on my <insert class here> but don't have the time to level another to 90". You may not care for farm/pets/mounts/brawler's guild/proving grounds/reputation whoring/achievement whoring and still find things to do, but if you don't you may be the one with an alt or two at lvl 90. Currently with the 20h a week of wow i only have 1 lvl 90 alt and few toons here and there for different purposes.

    I wanted to see new models before 5.4 but looks like not going to happen. Overall I am pleased with this expansion and can't wait for more

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    - Not enough useful things to craft after 5.1; requiring raid mats means only raiders can make them, and they need them the least!
    - Barrens catch-up grind takes pretty much all day if you aren't geared, and if you are geared, you don't need 489 gear
    - Shieldwall/Dominance had a good story, but you never wanted to go back after you were done. High fatality rate from pats..
    - 9 wings of LFR that all my alts have good reason to run every week is a bit excessive, and the player fatigue is tangible
    - The button bloat has hit critical mass. On my Mistweaver Monk, I have 30 keybinds
    - New talent system worked well for some classes (Mage, Priest), very poorly for others (Druid, Shaman)

    On the plus side, the quests are great and getting Loremaster of Pandaria was very rewarding the first time through. Pretty much all of the raid encounters are excellent, except for Lei Shi - fuck you Lei Shi.

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    I believe it's partly to the LFR system. People see the content, get gear without having to socialize with others, and then call it quits because what else is there to do after that for some people? I think thats the biggest problem. Because think of it, if we didn't have LFR and only the new flex option, those people that left would probably still be around trying to get into a 10m or 25m guild to see the content and get better gear. Instead of giving into the players and giving them what they want, they should have just kept it like it was and made it worth the players while in the end. Now they can just end the sub when they see the content.

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    Tune down normal mode (or added flex earlier) and trash lfr (opinions, let me have them). That would have made the expansion perfect to me. Everything else has been just great.

    I've always hated managing alts, and I did alot less alt management in Cataclysm to be honest.
    I like all of the raiding. I like all of the lore. The Pandaren are a wonderful race, the story and questing is the most engaging it's ever been (ON BOTH SIDES, stop being a whiner), the atmosphere works well. I like pet battles when I'm bored and need things to do, I like the farm idea, I like the dungeons and challenge modes, I like the sub races that have been added, via the continent and the greater implications of the existence of these people.

    Obviously if your guild has held together for the expansion it can make alot of difference. And thankfully the time in MoP has been far less turbulent for me than Cataclysm.

    Actually everything about Cataclysm left a bitter taste in my mouth so ...there was very few ways Blizzard could have utterly fucked this up for me.

    I like Mists of Pandaria. Alot. And if the Siege of Orgrimmar turns out a good raid, it'll have been right up there with one of the best expansions for WoW ever.
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    In Wrath, getting alts to max and gearing them through the heroics was great (aside from the gearscore trolls), they were fairly easy, but for some reason fun to run through. Now, heroics are just there to quickly generate a blue set to shuffle you into LFR (which I feel just replaced previous expansion heroics, with a slightly worse gearing rate).

    Dailies have always been there, but for the most part they were an avoidable part of the game (unless that was your chosen endgame of course), forcing us back into TBC rep grinds, but adding the badge system gear to the faction setup killed part of the game (dailies were for gold, potential upgrades, and cosmetics... while raiding and doing heroics were for obtaining badges for pieces as potential upgrades with viable replacements dropping in raids). Fuzing the badge system to the faction system was just terrible. If you want dailies to be viable PvE content, that's fine, but to force them onto everyone with no alternative to those that dislike dailies is a pain in the ass (talking about alternative ways to gain the valor gear, the only way to get it is going through the reputation gate... or hoping against hope for the rare drop in LFR to come your way... but that was what the valor gear was FOR, as an optional piece for one that wouldn't drop for you in the raid).

    The fact that their solution to "not enough pve content" was dailies, dailies, and even more dailies, was rather annoying. I had hopes for scenarios, but those were rather pointless optional nerfed instances (until the heroic mode ones came, but I didn't do them before putting a stop to my account). The barrens events weren't bad, but they could be pushed to be better in the future.

    Class dulling. It's my opinion, so people won't feel the same, but when blizzard started aiming everyone at doing middle of the pack damage, they took a lot of the enjoyment I had out of the classes. They made it easy for the newer players to do roughly similar (though, obviously a tiny bit less) damage as the people who've been playing for a long time; it lost some of the enjoyment of playing a class well. It's come to a point where you have to purposely play bad to do anywhere near a decent amount of damage less than a person following their priorities.

    Pushing PvP towards an esport. I liked it in Wrath, kills were quick and effective, deaths were slightly less aggravating, had to keep on your toes to push a victory. Now healers are godmode, and battles can last agonizingly long. All of this is in BG's though (I never was much of an arena player). Also, going into bg's at anything under the max level for it (LvL 81+, in any case) is asking to have your face bashed in repeatedly, and to drag your team down.

    Those are the main drawbacks of what MoP brought, for me at least.

    The things I liked about MoP:
    No flying until max level (could've been improved with the BoA tome, like wrath had)
    The leveling quests and story of the zones
    The scenery, was all appealing and set the mood of the zones
    Rare mobs with fun item drops and distinct abilities that had to be paid attention to
    Storytelling scenarios from the patches (the original ones were rather lackluster as they were completely avoidable... even though they dealt with the story, it would have been better had they worked them into the leveling aspect, as the culmination of the questing in certain hubs, like the quests that award blue items)
    Questing solo through dungeons that are explorable in the game world
    Cosmetics, so many cosmetics (mounts, challenge mode sets, quest items with fun functions... looking at puntable marmot)

    All in all, I hope blizz can change some of those negatives and bring my friends back so I can enjoy the game again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syax View Post

    Also no main boss to look forward to (Illidan, Arthas, Deathwing, etc.)
    Arent we all looking forward to SoO and Garrosh?

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