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    Question Favorite Weapon of All Time

    I know this thread has been created before in the past, but I'd like to get some new opinions. Tell me what you're favorite World of Warcaft weapon of all time is and why. Do you like the appearance? Does it have nostalgic values? All replies are appreciated.

    My favorite weapon is Grand Marshal's Claymore

    When I first got it I felt invincible. An elegant appearance with a frightening edge is a perfect combination.
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    2 handed mace called "World Breaker" drops from Fathom-Lord Karathress in SSC.

    you'll know the model when you see it. when i first got it, i was like i just want to hit something with it.
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    Armageddon. Best looking weapon in the game. Too bad its model is unique.

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    Wolf Slayer Sniper Rifle
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    Will of Arlokk.

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    Legendary: Warglaives of Azzinoth

    Non Legendary: The Untamed Blade

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    Either the Grand Marshal's Claymore or Draconic Avenger.

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    Probably Hammer of the Naaru. I personally like its uniqueness of having a long handle with a smaller head on top.

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    Claymore of the prophet, just cause it goes well with my transmog
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    Non-legendary: Ashkandi or Corrupted Ashbringer

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    Archaic Defender - simple ones are best.

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    [Alysra's Razor] Heroic

    Its without a doubt the most beautiful dagger in game.
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    Twinblade of the Phoenix. Goes really well with my transmog.

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    Heroic Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps.

    The TRUE legendary of Cataclysm.

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    Tempest of Chaos... a Tier 6 weapon that matched perfectly with Warlock Tier 5

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    Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian
    Favourite legendary and otherwise. Simply due to the lore surrounding it.

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    Quite a fan of a couple of staves, Staff of the Plaguehound and Archus Greatstaff of Antonidas are probably by favorites.

    Swords go to Hailstorm, Warp-Storm Blade, and Bloodsurge Kel'thuzad's Blade of Agony.

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    Rhok'delar, Longbow of Ancient Keepers.

    I believe everyone knows about this weapon, but i know that while we're laughing and joking here, there are people out there who use Armageddon as their transmogrify, so here i go:

    Rhok'delar wasn't all this hard to obtain... in WotLK. It was a pain to fulfill the requirements before that. It at least proved you knew how to play hunter properly, and it has an unique look.
    Despite not being all that good-looking, it turns some heads.

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    Quel'Delar in any of its forms (2 handed or 1 handed)

    Favourite legendary will always be Warglaives

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    Staff of Immaculate Recovery aka: Priest on a Stick. I still use it as a transmog along with the priest t5 set.

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