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    Blingtron 4k Exploit - Get what you want - Please fix.

    Mainly works if you have multiple people on your friends list from different server.


    If I'm banned for posting this (temp or perm), I understand. I just want a better game with fewer bugs/exploits - thank you for your time.
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    Raising awareness on an Un-official forum will only help it spread.
    There are ways to contact Blizzard about bugs and exploits.
    Use them

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    There are many major bugs in game, such as crittability of non-max level DKs (who got improved blood presence passive already), holy prism aggroing everything around when used as 1-target nuke, etc.

    Those are damn old bugs. That's what should be fixed. Not some useless exploit, where chance to get mount from Blingtron is infinitely smaller than 0,0000000000000001%. If you multiply it by amount of WoW servers, you will still have like 0% chance to get it in whole your life anyway...

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    Sorry but we don't allow people to post how to exploit the game here.

    You're welcome to contact Blizzard directly and I urge you to do so.

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