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    Need help with gear

    Hi,my guild finally killed Dark Animus and after 3 weeks I didn't receive a helm token from Twin Consorts.Now we're about to try to kill Lei Shen 25 HC and right now I have a HC TF helm from Ji'kun and my gloves is part of the tier set but Durumu dropped the BiS gloves last week, so is it worth using the set bonus or I can ignore that?

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    For a sec I thought gloves were the chest and was about to yell at you for using them..

    I'm going to assume you mean just plain old boring heroic gloves instead of the heroic TF gloves (As you mentioned the TF helm, but not TF here), and well.. haste -> mastery but lose the extra 50% Daybreak. Depends on the fight I'd say. Some fights are kinda burst heal-y and would require the Daybreak, while some are less bursty and you can go with the set gloves. Of course that little bit of stats doesn't mean much (neither does the 2set...), so I think I'd just go with the new gloves.
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