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    Frost > Fire?

    Hey. Just to start with with, im not a mage, im writing this regarding my friend.

    Both me and him are quite unsure wether its best for him to go fire or frost. He is currently fire and says he can pull around 90-100k ish on single target (no logs)

    But for some reason I feel that most mages around his ilvl are going frost (498)

    His armory btw

    Any info regarding what spec he should play and when its best to switch would be appreciated

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    Not entierly sure, but he got quite a bit of crit there, thus giving him a good chance to do better with fire. Both are fine, but it will be quite random what kinda dps he will pull.

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    Frost with the hit cap (living bomb for single target fights)

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    Frost is better with crit levels below 34%. He should go fire when he has a bit more crit.

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    Frost. He's no where near the ilvl where Fire actually becomes consistently better than frost. Even 34% seemed a bit low to me (buffed) for fire.

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    Frost definitely, he's well below the hit cap so he's gonna likely lose crit from reforging.

    Fire with very good RNG can match frost, but will almost never beat it, and with a large chance at bad rng, can be significantly lower dps than frost. Plus, if he's looking at doing progression ToT, frost is much more useful on fights like horridon, tortos, and ji-kun at those gear levels.

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    Why IS he so far under the hit cap? At his ilvl he should have no problem hitting 15%... As for what he should go, yeah he might get a bit better performance out of frost. I'd still tell him stick to fire and gear up as much as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monstercloud View Post
    Frost. He's no where near the ilvl where Fire actually becomes consistently better than frost. Even 34% seemed a bit low to me (buffed) for fire.
    I'd say 35% for the absolute minimum if you really want to go Fire (not to play optimally), though you should aim for at LEAST 40% buffed. Hell, at 540, I'm at 50% buffed, so getting to 40% isn't all that hard (I think full LFR should reach that)
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    Depends on your playstyle and how much effort you are willing to put into it.

    Fire is dependant on getting a good Ignite running so you can cast a +100k DPS Combustion. If your Combustion is low, then the overall damage is low.

    Frost is all about procs, and you get them often. Basicly spam Frostbolt, keep you Bomb on at all times and use Frostfire Bolt procs and Ice Lance procs when you have them. Much simpler.

    I prefer Fire, but because you have to execute your rotation and cooldowns 100% all the time for that Combustion, it feels stressful to play.

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    Currently the best way for him to increase dps isn't spec, but fixing enchants (shoulders, bracers, gloves, cloak, offhand) and reforging (hit cap). With those fixed and few more crit pieces (some of the tyrannical items are good at that ilvl for getting some more crit) he could go/stay fire, to avoid a hassle he could just stay fire and fix his gear in a day.
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