View Poll Results: What do you think Warcraft the Movie will be like?

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  • It will be good

    131 43.38%
  • It will be.. meh..

    115 38.08%
  • It will tank, hard.

    56 18.54%
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  1. #161
    It'll probably suck like most video game movies.

  2. #162
    I have faith in Duncan Jones!

  3. #163
    I'm really torn between it being all CGI or actual acting. I think all CGI would be the way to go, but if they can get a cast, crew and budget to build amazing sets, and more-so amazing actors going a LotR-style, I can see it being a huge hit.

    Sadly, I fear a majority of typical movie-goers won't even bother to see it purely due to the WoW name.

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