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    I do not think he caused the nerfs, but he sure helped a ton to skew the data and advocated a nerf when actually a buff was needed, thereby gutting, yes gutting an entire spec.
    You can think what you want but less than 6 months later he was given a item in game with his name... that shit doesn't happen to just some every day Joe. In fact its happened like 4 or 5 times I think in the entire 10 year history of WoW... ya right, he had nothing to do with the nerfs.
    He had an item created in his name because of his work with the community. It's not like Blizzard was completely ignorant of how OP SV DPS was, then decided to reward him for pointing it out. Have a look at the others who have had items named after them. They're either Blizzard employees or big in the community, not nerf advocates.

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    Great videos/music by Frostheim and WHU. Also when I started playing wow and my hunter, WHU was a great site with info for learning better my class. Gj and have fun if you read this post!

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