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  • Replace Steady Shot with Cobra Shot

    0 0%
  • Spiff up the Steady Shot with some special effect

    6 50.00%
  • Neither

    6 50.00%
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    Suggestion: Remove Steady Shot or Spiff It!

    1. You can not see the difference when using Steady Shot or Auto Shot.
    2. Cobra Shot is what Steady Shot should had been.

    So then they can either spiff up Steady Shot or add Cobra Shot to all specializations,
    and perhaps give Survival spec something else that has some cool function.

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    I read 'Spliff it', now that would be awesome.

    Imo they should change auto shot animation back to what it used to be, not steady shot.

    When was it when those retarded white lines from auto shot came in the game? Hated it so bad.
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