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    How to get back that lovin feeling

    So. I've been playing WoW since roughly right after BT came out. I had some great friends that I met, and raided with, a pretty much scrub guild that fought its way pretty far into black temple before sunwell came out. we never tried sunwell...raided a good bit into Ulduar until the guild fell apart. Ever since then, I've been looking for "that" guild. I've found guilds with potential more than once, but, to be honest, the raiding scene that I can participate in is pretty much dead on Garona.

    To keep this from a tl;dr, I'm basically looking for ways to get that loving feeling back. I love WoW. I really do. I've had my complaints like everyone else, but all in all I love this game, I love the friends I've made, I love the memories, and there isn't reeeaaallllyyy any other game out that has drawn me in the way this game has. I don't care if I'm uber, but I do care about active guild members, and it seems I'm having a hard time. Between that, and my only option for raiding being lfr, and I'm sorry, this is elitist of me, but while I've never had full bis, I've never had scrub gear either, and I'm having a hard time finding somewhere to fill that niche.

    So any suggestions? While I've only ever played on Garona, I'm not above changing servers if someone can suggest a server that has some fairly active, mediocre guilds that at least raid, and possibly raid on the weekends. How do I get that loving feeling back for WoW? Every time I resub now, it just feels...boring. And A LOT of that is because I end up playing alone. I found a great guild, but after a couple of months they stopped playing together. I just want some great people to play with.

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    Flex raids will bring back a little of the accessibility missing from current raids, and should prove a bit easier for things like server raid PuG groups.

    As for the guild/playing alone issue, I'm not sure if I can say anything that will help. A lot of people have left since Mists hit (2million or so) and a lot more, like myself, are kind of taking a break until 5.4.
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