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    So I hope this is the eye opener for Blizzard. Their current model of game play and style is not working at all. I honestly hoped subs would increase...however they didn't. You can not focus a game on casual play and expect casual players to stick around. Especially when a 72% of players who try WoW don't end up playing it. Raiding guilds are basically gone with the wind. The social aspect of the game is gone. In a game where you can instantly join a raid to see content....why go do it with a group of people and form a friendship? Not to mention dailies should not be staple content. The game has become so casual, it's just boring. WoW sub numbers are now lower than they were in WOTLK. Not to mention we went from completing a raid in months.....to hours. If the content is beaten the first night it's out....we have problems. In a game where anyone can see content without work, at a button click....no one stays long. Not to mention the game is so so so out dated. Much needed updates to outland, tons of models, characters, and others are needed. Blizzard makes excuses instead of just doing what players ask.

    WoW's issue is Blizzard has been using it as a cash cow. Milking it dry. Well the cow doesn't have much milk left. Myself and my guild are moving onto another game, as soon as possible. People called SWTOR the titanic. They got it wrong. WoW is sinking with all of us on board. F2P option needs to be serious considered. At least then people don't have to pay for half done content.
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