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    [Balance] Best in slot?

    (ugh I failed so bad with the title... pls someone edit it to "[Balance] Best in Slot?")

    Slippy/Sunfyre, is this still valid/up-to-date?


    I've been questioned by another officer which supposedly has another BiS list for balance druids tier 15...

    The item in question was the ring from Iron Qon (Thunder forged Ro'shak's Remembrance), he said that was my 6th or something lower but our list shows as one of my 2 BiS rings...

    Here is my armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...druid/advanced
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    It's a great ring: there's no spirit/hit on it!

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    Just in case: if he's going by AskMrRobot's absolute ranking, tell him to stop being bad.
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    Thing about automatic ranking website like askMrRobot or wowBestinslot (or whatever the name of that website is) is that they take individual stat weights and look what will come out on top. If you go by that info, naturally, Roshak would end up on the bottom due mastery being valued lower than Spirit/hit because those websites don't consider the overabundance of those stats on our other pieces.

    Yes, Ro'shak is in my opinion BIS, because we are already dealing with hit issues due the huge amount of spirit on our pieces and of pieces, so having a ring that doesn't come with it, is obviously going to be more beneficial to you.

    Tell your officer to piss off and stop being bad if he is using those websites.

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    Your officer has no clue what he's talking about. Ask him to give you his source, and if it's a piece-by-piece evaluation, ignore it, as those aren't useful as BiS lists.

    The BiS thread is the complete set of gear that offers the highest DPS, not the best individual pieces.

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    Crit ring is bis. Sockets are huge. so much crit :X

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    The Iron Qon ring got plenty of crit, like 200~ more than the Durumu one so its way better. But yes that list is still up to date, but there could be a discussion between Wushoolay vs Breath of Hydra but apart from that the list is correct

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    BiS list is still current, I don't think I've had to change it seriously in a few months. As said previously, since it has no hit/spirit it's an ideal piece and allows better itemisation in other slots.
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    Fixed the subject.

    FYI, you can always change your subject by going into the 'Advanced Editor'.
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