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    An In-depth Guide to Feral PvP (5.3 Updated)

    Hello you! Yes you! You beautiful druid you! Welcome to the Feral Druid 5.3 PvP Guide.

    This guide will assume you understand the basics of feral gameplay and mechanics to a certain degree. Advanced feral knowledge is not required, though familiarity with the benefits of our stats and abilities is recommended. If you are unfamiliar I'd suggest checking out the PvE Feral Guide in these forums before continuing.

    What you can expect to find in this guide:
    -Talent and Gear Choices
    -Ability descriptions and attack priorities
    -Symbiosis Breakdown
    -Helpful Macros and Addons
    -References and External Links

    Now that formalities are out of the way let's get into the meat of things! I've created a table of contents for your convenience listed below as well as an easy Ctrl-F locater for each:

    1.1 - Talents and Glyphs
    1.2 - Gearing and Gemming
    1.3 – Enchants and Professions
    1.4 - Symbiosis
    1.05 - Ability Breakdown
    1.6 - Damage and Survival
    1.7 - Macros and Add-ons
    1.8 - External Resources
    1.9 - Recently Asked Questions
    1.10 - Upcoming Changes to Feral
    1.11 - Changelog

    First, a little about me. My name is Kals and I'll be your host. I've played World of Warcraft since mid-TBC and started playing Feral seriously starting at the beginning of Cataclysm. I play a feral druid as a main, and dabble in some disc as well. I was a hardcore PvE'r, belonging to some US top 50 guilds over the years but as of late have lost interest and haven't the time to keep doing that so I've entirely shifted to PvP. I've reached 2k on both feral and priest in seasons 10, 11 and 12 with my highest being current season 13 ~2150 MMR running FMS.

    1.1 Talents and Glyphs

    So with the dawn of Mists of Pandaria Blizzard has once again rehauled the talent system, now allowing for each spec to choose from SIX unique talent abilities. In this section we'll cover what's great, what's good and what's simply garbage. Note if no cooldown is listed you can assume there is no cooldown on the ability.

    Note that none of the recommended talents are mandatory for every situation, simply the most commonly helpful. Situations will arise where one talent choice may become obviously more helpful than what is recommended, so take these with a grain of salt.

    Please scroll to the end of the section if you simply want a recommended cookie cutter build.

    Tier 1

    Recommended: Wild Charge - The best bang for your buck. This talent serves as both a much needed gap closer in both Cat Form as well as an undispellable root in Bear Form. Also very good for eating traps while in caster form.

    Tier 2

    Recommended: Cenarian Ward/Nature's Swiftness - Both of these abilities are very strong due to their low cooldowns and versatility for use in team gameplay. Renewal is simply limited to yourself and has too long of a cooldown. Note in 5.4 Cenarian Ward will be the only option for most comps, as we lose Nature's Swiftness.

    Tier 3

    Recommended: Typhoon - Frontal Cone knockback that also applies a daze slow to the targets affected for 6s. A staple on Z-Axis areas in both arena and battlegrounds. Great for stopping casted heals as well. 30s CD
    Mass Entanglement deserves an honorable mention here when playing with those who have no means to root, especially as a method of peeling melee teams with minimal root breaks such as TSG.

    Tier 4
    Recommended: Incarnation/Force of Nature - Incarnation allows the use Ravage and Pounce without being stealthed for 30 seconds. Typically used in conjunction with Berserk for high amounts of burst damage. Also allows use of Prowl in combat for the duration of the buff. Incarnation is your standard DPS cooldown used in conjunction with Berserk (see 1.6 "Incarnation Use"). Force of Nature allows a ranged stun off the GCD, accumulating 1 charge every 20s. Note in 5.4 Incarnation will be our sole choice due to the severe nerf Force of Nature is taking.

    Tier 5

    Recommended: Mighty Bash/Disorienting Roar - Mighty Bash stuns your target for 5 seconds. Disorienting Roar disorients targets in 10yds for 3 seconds. Both Bash and Roar have great team utility for both peels and offensive pressure, you'll find one is preferred over the other based on the team you're playing with as well as what you're playing against. Ursol's is simply not great for feral; though could have uses in RBG settings.

    Tier 6
    Recommended: Heart of the Wild - Passively grants 5% increased stats as well as providign an on use which makes you better at what other specs accel at; Increased healing and no mana cost, increased damage from damaging spells and increased armor and reduced crit chance while in Bear Form.It's simply too good to not use in most situations. It can save the life of a teammate in 2s or 3s and it gives you some strong defensive capabilities in terms of healing and bear form if needed.

    Suggested Specs:
    Arena- http://us.battle.net/wow/en/tool/tal...ator#U!202120- A spec for most arena matches. Note that some matches/comps may make much better use out of Force of Nature than Incarnation until 5.4.

    Rated Battlegrounds- http://us.battle.net/wow/en/tool/tal...lator#U!202200 - A possible rated battleground spec. Since rated battlegrounds are as much about destroying the other team as it is peeling for your own this spec allows the best of both worlds.

    With Mists of Pandaria glyphs now come in two types, Major and Minor.
    Major Glyphs affect abilities or have actual consequence, while Minor Glyphs are usually fun or cosmetic and purely optional. (mostly)

    Major Glyphs:

    Glyph of Cat Form - Do not PvP without this Glyph. It makes both your life and your healers' lives much easier and is a staple to feral PvP; hopefully it will once again become baseline at some point.

    Glyph of Savagery - Lets you use Savage Roar with no combo points for a 12s duration. Great for high damage openers or target swaps and keeps your damage consistent if the buff is to fall before you can gain combo points.

    Glyph of Barkskin - Great for use in PvP, since crit is generally not as easy to push to insane percentages anymore. Great for use vs Recklessness or inside of a mage's Deep Freeze to prevent extra damage.

    Glyph of Prowl - Good for getting an opener as well as catching up with mounted targets.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Glyph of Fae Silence - Great vs casters that are just out of range of your interrupts, or for preventing that instant cast spell from going off, however it does require a global to enter bear form first.

    Glyph of Might of Ursoc - A respectable choice against teams you know you'll beat well before the 3 minute cooldown of Ursoc is up, but need some extra help in order to survive the burst. Not recommended if you'll be using Ursoc more than once per match (playing the long game vs Hunter/Priest killing the hunter pets for example).

    Glyph of Stampeding Roar - Good when playing with partners who are very susceptible to roots, such as DKs and Rogues, since server latency and the speed of PvP can make getting a normal roar off on your partners very difficult.

    Glyph of Dash - Reduced CD on Dash. Decent for kiting classes or to keep up with your target if your normal runspeed isn't enough.

    Glyph of Skull Bash - I only recommend using this Glyph if you're extremely confident with interrupting targets.

    Glyph of Survival Instincts - Reduced CD and duration for your shield wall defensive. Great vs hard hitting teams with short cooldowns but small burst windows.

    Glyph of Pounce - Easier Pounce openers if you have high latency or vs mounted targets.

    Glyph of Shred - Ok for learning but would recommend leaving this out later on. You generally don't want your shreds getting parried, especially under Berserk or Tiger's Fury.

    Minor Glyphs
    All minor glyphs are optional, however there are 2 which have use in arena/RBG:

    Glyph of Aquatic Form - Swim faster on maps such as Twin Peaks or Arathi Basin, can make for insane speed with Wild Charge.

    Glyph of Grace - Lets you reduce fall damage taken in any form rather than just cat form.

    1.2 Gearing and Gemming

    PvP is a balance between damage and survival; these 2 items can be reflected in 2 of the primary stats we find exclusively on PvP gear: PvP Resilience and PvP Power.

    So which is better? Resilience or Power?
    It should be noted that the formula for Resilience was changed in patch 5.2 to increase linearly instead of exponentially as it did at the beginning of the expansion slightly lowering the value of Resilience.

    The changes in 5.3 increased our base resilience to 65% (up from 5.2's 40%), making this DR very noticeable immediately. With the nerf to the amount of resilience gained per point (400, up from 260 in 5.2) and the amount gems give us (160, down from 320), I strongly advise against gemming it unless you feel you absolutely need the extra survivability.

    If you'd like to learn more about how resilience's DR works feel free to visit this great post courtesy of Eldacar over at ArenaJunkies.

    This section will assume you're aware of what each stat provides feral DPS. If you are not I suggest reading the stat section of the Feral PvE Sticky.

    In terms of stats you'll typicallly follow these guidelines:

    Weap DPS > 3% melee hit (1020 rating)/6% Spell Hit > Agility > Power > Mastery >= Resilience >= Crit > Expertise >= Haste
    Note that in full Malevolent gear or higher spell hit caps itself as expertise also applies to spell hit.
    You can use this priority for reforging your gear as well as comparing pieces of gear when upgrading.

    A few things to note:
    -Although Mastery is generally king, Crit can be equal to mastery for some comps or even your personal playstyle if you feel you don't like how mastery plays. Play around with the 2 stats and find which you prefer using more. This will simply be for reforging and gear choice purposes.

    -Expertise is marginally more useful than Haste in a PvP setting as we can't always guarantee we're behind someone when using an ability, while haste is simply a very minor DPS stat very minimally increasing energy regen and melee attack speed.


    That said, below is the gearset you can expect to be working with (Note all pieces have Honor Malevolent counterparts):

    Gemming Gear
    Refer to the below for tips on how you should be gemming your PvP gear. If you feel you need more defense, refer to the optional section below each recommendation.

    Note that you do not need to color match the gem sockets if the socket bonus is poor, for example if your pants have a blue and red socket but only provide PvP power for a bonus it's best to use 2 red gems. Any socket bonus greater or equal to 60 AGI is worth it.

    Special gems are allowed for Jewelcrafters, these are:
    Delicate Serpent's Eye
    Assassin's Serpent's Eye
    Lucent Serpent's Eye
    Make sure you have 2 socketed if you're a Jewelcrafter!

    Recommended: Agile Primal Diamond
    While the Tyrannical Primal Diamond is an option, the stats it give don't quite outbalance the AGI/Critdmg that the Agile meta give. I'd suggest picking 1 or 2 up after you're done gearing in case the Power/Resil changes are reverted, or you feel you might need them later.

    Recommended: Adept Vermilion Onyx
    Optional (survival): Lucent Vermilion Onyx or Mystic Sun's Radiance

    Recommended: Assassin's Imperial Amethyst
    Optional (survival): Vivid Wild Jade

    Recommended: Delicate Primordial Ruby
    Optional (survival): Lucent Vermilion Onyx

    1.3 Enchants and Professions

    You've got your fancy new piece of gear, you've tossed your gems in it, now you simply need to enchant it. Follow the below guide for a general advisory on what your best options are. If you're short on cash or desire another stat, follow the secondary suggestions.

    Shoulder: Greater Tiger Claw Inscription
    Secret Tiger Claw Inscription (Scribes Only)

    Cloak: Enchant Cloak - Superior Critical Strike
    Enchant Cloak Accuracy (If you need hit)

    Chest: Enchant Chest - Glorious Stats
    Enchant Chest - Super Resilience (if you want the resil)

    Wrist: Enchant Bracer - Major Agility
    Enchant Bracer - Mastery (If you're low on cash)
    Fur Lining - Agility (LW only)

    Gloves: Enchant Gloves - Superior Mastery
    Enchant Gloves - Super Strength (Preference, both are DPS increases)

    Belt: Living Steel Belt Buckle

    Legs: Shadowleather Leg Armor
    Sha-Touched Leg Armor (If you're low on cash)

    Boots: Enchant Boots - Blurred Speed

    Rings: Enchant Ring - Greater Agility (Enchanting Only)

    Weapon: Enchant Weapon - Dancing Steel
    Enchant Weapon - Windsong (If you're low on cash)


    Blacksmithing: Provides an extra socket in both your gloves and bracers, allowing a maximum gain of 640 Resilience (or Power).
    Jewelcrafting: Allows you to craft 2 Jewelcrafting specific gems; [item="83151" /], [item="93405" /] or [item="93409" /], offering a maximum gain of either 640 Agility or 320 Resilience (or Power) as well as 320 Agility.
    Engineering: Allows you to apply a Synapse Spring to your gloves, allowing you to increase your agility by 1920 for 10 seconds with a 1 minute cooldown. Can not be used at the same time as on-use PvP trinkets.
    Inscription: +320 agility via a better (and cheaper) BoP Shoulder Inscription; Secret Tiger Claw Inscription.
    Alchemy:+320 Agility via a craftable flask; [item="58149" /] that is usable in rated PvP. Also applies a 320 Agility bonus to normal flasks when used outside of rated PvP.
    Enchanting: +320 Agility by allowing your rings to each be enchanted with a Enchanter's only enchant applying 160 agility.
    Leatherworking: Provides a special 500 agility wrist enchant giving you an extra 320 agility. You also get much cheaper leg enchants.

    Tailoring: Provides an AP proc from the cloak however AP isn't nearly as strong as Power/Resil and nowhere near as strong as AGI.
    Mining: +Stamina passive. While stamina is a decent defensive stat it has little place in PvP when compared to the other choices.
    Skinning: +Crit passive. As with the others in this category, it simply doesn't stack up.
    Herbalism: Provides a spell which increases your haste rating and gives you a small heal-over-time effect. As with the others in this category, it simply doesn't stack up.

    1.4 Symbiosis

    At level 87 we gain a new ability; Symbiosis. This ability is a buff that grants us one ability of the recieving class, as well as giving the class one ability of the Druid class.
    Now the big question that remains is: Who should get my Symbiosis?

    This section will be broken down into sections in decreasing areas of effectiveness for both you and your Symbiosis partner.

    Priest - Dispersion. 3 minute Cooldown reducing all damage taken by 90% for 6 seconds. Able to be used while stunned. Discipline and Holy specced priests gain Cyclone as an added bonus while Shadow Priests gain a watered down Tranquility.

    Paladin - Divine Shield. 5 minute cooldown, making you immune to all damage for 12 seconds. Able to be used while CC'd and dispellable with Shattering Throw and Mass Dispel. Holy Paladins gain Rebirth (unusable in rated play) while Retribution gains Wrath. Protection gains Barkskin.

    Hunter - Play Dead. 30s CD, drops combat and causes the enemy to de-target you (including focus). Hunters gain Dash.

    Warrior - Shattering Blow. 5 minute cooldown, reducing the target's armor by 20% for 12 seconds or removing immunities such as Ice Block and Divine Shield. As of 5.2 has a 1.5 second cast time. Both Arms and Fury Warriors get Stampeding Shout (Stampeding Roar). Protection gains Savage Defense

    Shaman - Feral Spirit. 2 minute cooldown, summoning 2 wolves to fight alongside you meleeing for light melee damage and healing you for a percent of their damage done. Elemental and Enhance shamans gain Solar Beam while Restos gain Prowl for use with Ghost Wolf.

    Rogue - Redirect. 1 minute cooldown, transferring all current combo points to your currently selected target. Rogues gain Growl, increasing their armor and stamina and reducing their chance to be critcally hit.

    Monk - Clash. 35s cooldown, brings you and your target together and stuns all enemies within 6 yards. Windwalker monks gain Bear Hug while Mistweavers gain Entangling Roots. Brewmasters gain Survival Instincts.

    Warlock - Soul Swap. 30s cooldown, transfers your existing Rip and Rake effects from one enemy to your current target. Warlocks gain Rejuvenation.

    Mage - Frost Nova. 25s cooldown, freezes all enemies near you in place. Mage gains Healing Touch.

    Death Knight - Death Coil. No cooldown, 40 energy cost. Damages enemies with unholy damage and heals undead allies. Unholy and Frost Death Knights gain Wild Mushroom: Plague, creating a mushroom that routinely pulses applying diseases to nearby enemies. Blood gains Might of Ursoc.

    In summary:

    -If possible Discipline priests should be your first choice for Symbiosis in arena, both for the amazing defensive cooldown granted to you as well as a free Cyclone for them.

    -Symbiosis is a team ability and as such even those listed in the Bad can be very useful in RBGs, especially if giving your flag carrier another defensive to live with.

    For more information and a comprehensive table of Symbiosis abilities you can visit it's page on WoWHead here:

    1.05 Ability Breakdown

    So you've chosen your talents, picked your glyphs and got the gear; but now what? How do you kill people, and what can you do to survive? Before we can get to that we have to narrow down the following:

    Buffs and Debuffs

    Mark of the Wild - Buff mark of the wild before a match and as often as you can when it gets dispelled (when you're resetting, coming back from a fear, ect) without sacrificing damage or CC.

    Predatory Swiftness - Has a chance to be gained on our finishers, with the chance hitting 100% at 5 combo points. It will be used both offensively and defensively for both CC and heals.

    Faerie Fire - Should be kept up on other druids and rogues as close to 100% of the time as possible as well as on your primary target for the 12% reduction to armor.

    Dash - Increases your run speed to allow you to either get away from or keep up with an opponent, also breaks all roots and snares.

    Stampeding Roar - Great for getting your friends out of roots and slows or for getting them (or yourself) somewhere fast.

    Combo-Generating Abilities

    Note all of these abilities grant 2 combo points per-crit due to our Primal Fury passive (except Pounce, since it does no initial damage).

    Shred - Our main combo-builder. Can only be used from behind; deals more damage than Mangle, especially vs bleeding targets. Affected by Glyph of Shred for use from any direction on the target under Tiger's Fury or Berserk.

    Mangle - For use when you can't Shred and you need to keep building combo points (or are about to energy cap).

    Rake - This bleed should be up as often as possible. The initial and bleed damage scale with our mastery.

    Ravage - This ability is tied to our 4 set PvP bonus, allowing us a free Ravage every 30 seconds. It is also available to those who chose the Incarnation talent, under which the use of this ability is un-restricted for 30 seconds. Has a 50% increased crit chance on targets over 80% health.

    Swipe - Mostly for use to keep flags from being capped in Battlegrounds like Arathi Basin or Battle for Gilneas but also good for trying to knock out a stealthed target.

    Pounce - The high energy cost means it should only be used on openers where a partner cannot provide a stun or when you absolutely need a stun. Can be used under the effects of Incarnation or Shadowmeld as well as Prowl.

    Combo-Finishing Abilities

    Savage Roar: - Savage Roar should be up as close to 100% of the time as possible. Affected by Glyph of Savagery to allow a 12s buff with no combo points. Without Savage Roar up we're effectively only doing 71.4% of our potential damage (100%/140%, credit to Autumni), as it's a 40% buff to ALL of our damage. Except under rare conditions (which will be outlined later) this will be your top priority for combo-finishing if it's not currently up or about to fall off.

    Rip - Our highest damaging finisher for sustained damage in PvP. Should be used on targets that will not be dying or getting CC'd in the next 6-8 seconds. Always use this ability with 5 combo points.

    Ferocious Bite - Should only be used when Rip and Savage Roar are already up or when the target will die/get CC'd before Rip can deal most of its damage. Can deal very high damage if used with 25 extra energy, good for pushing a kill.

    Maim - As with Pounce, Maim should only be used situationally where you need a stun and no other options are available. The high energy cost and combo-consumption make this our worst choice for a stun. Damage increased by 100% with PvP glove bonus.

    Defensive Cooldowns

    Barkskin - Standard damage reduction cooldown. The low cooldown and use while stunned makes it great, as well as it's interaction with Glyph of Barkskin reducing the chance you're crit at the same time.

    Survival Instincts - Our shield wall cooldown. Automatically puts you in Bear Form if used outside a form. Cooldown can be reduced with the Glyph however it also reduces the duration to 6 seconds.

    Might of Ursoc: - Our last stand cooldown. If used outside of Bear Form it will put you in Bear Form. If you're below 30% health when it's used it will increase your health to 30% and increase your maximum health by 30%. Health percentages stay the same when swapping back to Cat Form, meaning you can use this to "heal" to 30% and then go back to Cat Form, though the maximum health increase will be lost.

    Offensive Cooldowns

    Tiger's Fury - Try to use this at or below 20-30 energy so the energy you gain isn't wasted. Line this up with trinkets and/or bigger cooldowns such as Berserk or Nature's Vigil for some serious damage. Note Tiger's Fury must be used before Berserk in order to be used with it.

    Berserk - Our big cooldown. Usually used in conjunction with all other damaging talent choices, such as Incarnation and Nature's Vigil, as well as on-use trinkets and Tiger's Fury.

    Crowd Control

    Cyclone - Our staple crowd control. Can be used with Predatory Swiftness and Nature's Swiftness to make it instant cast. Great for standard CC or to stop heals on your current target.

    Entangling Roots - Usable with Predatory Swiftness and Nature's Swiftness. Can also be used in the form of Nature's Grasp (1 min CD), applying a dispellable buff to ourselves which causes the next attacker to deal melee damage to be rooted.

    Hibernate - Great vs other druids, shamans in ghost wolf or hunter pets. Note it does break on any damage, including bleeds.

    Skull Bash - This ability also has a charge component to it, making it great for catching up to some classes, or interrupting when your target isn't in melee range.


    Soothe - Not only does it dispel enrage effects (like Berserker Rage on Warriors, enabling your priest to fear), it's also one of the best spells to give a Death Knight when they've Dark Sim'd you and very useful for killing Grounding Totems.

    Remove Corruption - Used to dispel poison and curse effects off of your allies; especially useful for CC spells like Hex and damage spells such as Doom and Agony (especially a Dark Soul'd Agony).

    1.6 Damage and Survival

    Note: For simplicity's sake all "partner" scenarios in the following section will be analyzed in a 2v2 format.

    So you know the basics, what everthing does, it's time to get to what this is all about: outplaying, outdamaging and taking out the other players. We'll start by analyzing openers:


    Ah yes, the all important opening damage. Lining up the correct opening sequence can make for some great damage right away, as well as allowing yourself to set up extra damage just a few seconds later.

    Assuming a fully geared player that doesn't trinket the first stun, the standard feral opener (with no partner) will look something like this:

    • 1. Prowl. Use Savage Roar if you have the glyph, and pool close to 100 energy before opening.
    • 2. Open with Pounce.
    • 3. Rake (Shred if Savage Roar isn't Glyphed).
    • 4. Savage Roar if you don't have the glyph. Else skip this step.
    • 5. Shred. (Or Rake if Savage Roar isn't Glyphed)
    • At this point your enemy is unstunned. If you have 5 combo points, continue to 6. Else Shred (Or Mangle if they've now turned to face you).
    • 6. Tiger's Fury, Rip.
    • 7. Gain Predatory Swiftness proc.

    At this point, you've set up your opener. If done correctly, all of your bleeds should be present, you should have about 3-4 seconds left on Savage Roar and you've set up your damage on your enemy, and have a Predatory Swiftness proc for use as CC or a heal.

    Your opener with a partner will look similarly, however if (s)he has a Stun you will be opening with either a Shred/Rake or a melee swing so as not to DR the stun and waste energy.

    Dealing Damage:

    So your opener went well, and you and your partner are off to a great start, so what do you do to keep the damage going?

    • Make sure Savage Roar doesn't fall. Think of it as playing with a permanent damage nerf whenever it's not up. That's like playing without some of your armor!
    • Keep bleeds up as often as possible. This allows sustained damage on the target, and lets you use higher burst options when the time arises.
    • Pool your energy outside of burst phases. Try to keep your energy between 70 and 100 at all times. This way if you or your partner can set up a window to burst the target you have the energy to do so.
    • Make proper use of cooldowns. Don't go popping Tiger's Fury or Berserk and your on-use when they've got a Power Word: Shield and Ironbark on them, or when your partner is CC'd, it's wasted damage. Instead, keep it for burst windows or when you want to force cooldowns for your burst window.
    • Know when to go for the kill. You'll eventually start to notice situations where your target's partner is either in CC or far way while he's very low health. This is a great time to go for a kill. Swap out use of Rip for use of Ferocious Bite for extra burst damage, and use your cooldowns.


    So the enemy has knocked a good chunk of your HP off and it's quite apparent they plan on trying to push for a kill in the next few moments; here's what you can do to ruin their plans.

    The most important thing to remember in PvP: you have a partner, make sure they know what's going on. Communicate to them you might need their help, or that you're using defensives. Once everyone knows what's going on, mounting a counter is much easier.

    You're a hybrid class, and better yet you're a druid! Use your PS procs and/or your talents to keep yourself (and your teammates!) at a reasonable health level whenever you can. If you can get a Rejuvenation/Tranq off every so often it's fine as long as you're not giving up offensive pressure to do so.

    Stagger Defensives.
    The worst thing you can do is to pop all of your defensives at once before much has even happened, leaving you nothing when the opponent decides to pop their offensive cooldowns. Sometimes one cooldown is all you need to get by, especially with a partner backing you up.

    Let Your Partner Peel You.
    "Peeling" is the act of using crowd-control effects and slows to keep enemies off of an ally long enough for them to regain control of the situation. If you're in a bad situation, communicate to your partner to CC them off of you, this can stop a lot of damage from the enemy team and give you time to set up a counter.

    Crowd Control.
    Ferals have a lot of options for crowd-control between Cyclone, Entangling Roots, Hibernate, stun-effects and even interrupts you can keep the enemy from doing something for quite a while.

    Kiting is the act of outrunning your oponent before they can make contact with you, and much more effective if done around Line of Sight objects such as Pillars or buildings. Use of abilities such as Entangling Roots (or Nature's Grasp) and Typhoon can also help in this regard by rooting, knocking back, or slowing your attacker.

    Push them Defensive.
    Meet the target head on and push them into playing defensively before they can do the same to you, use your offensive cooldowns if needed. This gives you the upper hand in the fight. Make sure you coordinate this with your partners so you're not just wasting your cooldowns.

    Counter Cooldowns.
    Sitting through full enemy cooldowns isn't something you can afford to do. Make use of the above tips in order to counter their cooldowns without letting them force too many of yours.

    In Summary:
    • Keep bleeds up.
    • Keep Savage Roar up.
    • Pool energy outside of burst windows.
    • Identify when to go for a kill.
    • Use offensive and defensive cooldowns wisely.
    • Communicate with your partner(s).
    • If you fall behind use crowd-control, kiting techniques and proper use of line-of-sight to survive until you can regain control.

    Incarnation Use:
    So you've chosen Incarnation as your talent choice and you need to know how to use it. These guidelines can help you use the most of your 30s of armored kitty:

    • Make sure you use it with Berserk. Both have the same cooldown and work great with each other. It may be your choice in which to stagger Berserk after popping Incarnation, if you feel the team is going to CC you right away this may be a good idea.
    • Moar Ravage! Your damage in this form is entirely from Ravage. It will replace Shred as your main combo point generator for the duration, just remember not to ignore Rip and Roar!
    • Pounce ALL THE THINGS! Incarnation allows the use of Pounce and Prowl, making it great for peeling a team by simply pouncing them all. Be wary of over use of Pounce however, as the energy cost is very steep. Prowl can be used ~3 times during the duration of your Incarnation to drop your enemies' target/focus.

    1.7 Macros and Add-Ons

    Below I've compiled a list of useful macros and addons and what they do for us in feral PvP.


    /cast [stance:1] !Bear Form
    /cast [stance:2] !Aquatic Form
    /cast [stance:3] !Cat Form
    /cast [stance:4] !Travel Form
    "Powershifting" is the act of freeing ourselves from roots and slows without leaving our current shapeshift form. This is the one macro I would say that no druid should PvP without.

    Burst Macro:
    #showtooltip Berserk
    /cast Tiger's Fury
    /use 13
    /cast Incarnation
    /cast Nature's Vigil
    /cast Berserk
    Our so-called "Swifty macro". Pops all of our offensive cooldowns at once. Make sure your on use trinket (if you have one) is in your first trinket slot.

    Ursoc Super-Heal:
    #showtooltip Might of Ursoc
    /cast Might of Ursoc 
    /cast Healthstone
    /cast Renewal
    Both healthstones and Renewal are % health based heals, so increasing your maximum health by 30% make this for a super-heal. I would definitely suggest binding healthstone separately as well however.

    #showtooltip Wild Charge
    /cast [@<insert party member name here>] Wild Charge
    Trap eating macro for use with Wild Charge. Cancels your form and life grips yourself to the person designated in the macro, usually my healer. Replace the part in "<>" with either Party1, Party2 or your team-member's name.

    Focus Healing
    #showtooltip Healing Touch
    /cast [@<insert party member name here>] Healing Touch
    Feel free to replace Healing Touch with something like Cenarian Ward as well for another healing macro. Replace the part in "<>" with either Party1, Party2 or your team-member's name.

    Focus Skull Bash:
    /cast [@focus] Skull Bash
    Skull bashes your focus target.

    Focus Cyclone:
    /cast [@focus] Cyclone
    Cyclones your focus target.

    Focus Hibernate:
    /cast [@focus] Hibernate
    Your anti-feral mechanism (and anti-shaman if you catch them in ghost wolf). Also decent for the hunter pet if you've set it to focus.

    Pounce/Ferocious Bite:
    /cast [stealth]Pounce; Ferocious Bite
    If you're in stealth you cast Pounce, otherwise you cast Ferocious Bite. Highly recommend a separate bind for Pounce itself if you selected the Incarnation talent.

    Force of Nature Focus Stun:
    /cast [@focus] Force of Nature
    Simple macro to stun your focus target with your Force of Nature treant.

    Flight Form/Travel Form:
    /cast [flyable, nocombat] Swift Flight Form; Travel Form
    Puts you in flightform if you're in an area you can fly and not in combat. Otherwise puts you in Travel Form.


    While no add-ons are mandatory here are a few I find helpful:

    DroodFocus (Suggested by Chikatree, Thanks!)
    An add-on made by ferals for ferals tracking all of your important buffs and debuffs as well as giving a heads up display of energy and combo points.

    Simplistic addon to track your buffs and debuffs, including trinkets and enchant procs.

    Bar replacement mod. We have a lot of abilities we don't even need to see on our bars but need to keep keybound, so this makes for a much cleaner interface.

    A well-known arena add-on which displays relevenet enemy information such as health, trinket use, dispels, resurrections, ect. .

    Casting bar; movable, accounts for latency, and can show buffs.

    Displays cooldowns remaining on your abilities in a more visual way.

    Tidy Plates
    Cleans up the blizzard name plates to better display information. Numerous additions to it such as Threat Plates (my favorite).

    Displays time remaining on enemy cooldowns on their nameplates.

    Plate Buffs
    Shows buffs and debuffs on enemy nameplates. (Note some of the functions of this add-on, namely for debuffs, may interfere with TidyPlates).

    Mik Scrolling Battle Text
    Customizable scrolling combat text.

    1.8 External Links and References

    A great arena and PvP community (if you know where to look) for information regarding WoW PvP. ..or the drama, which is why most people go there. <3

    MMO-Champion PvP forums. For all of your MMO-C PvP related needs.

    Blizzard Druid forums, great peeps there.

    Hi Alaron, I didn't forget you! Your #1 resource for feral information on the web. Multiple feral druid theorycrafters post here (though usually for PvE, but still great info!).

    Our feral druid PvE sticky. Great for if you're still learning the class and want to solidify your familiarity with the class in a more controlled environment before stepping into PvP.

    Yipz' Video PvP Guide.

    I'm serious. Watching better players (whether feral or not) can help improve your own gameplay by quite a bit.

    1.9 Commonly Asked Questions

    Q: Why should Thrash be on my bars, let alone bound?
    A: Thrash provides a 10% physical damage reduction debuff when applied. This debuff should be kept up on melee hitting classes as often as possible without risking your normal "rotation". It can be ignored on casters, clearcast procs are better used on Shreds.

    Q:I'm using SR glyph and use it for my opener. After my opening Rip, should I then use Glyphed SR again or building for a 5 point SR?
    A: Short answer: Try to get a 5pt roar, if you're going for a burst approach on the opener just use as many as possible to justify the energy cost before your partner sets up the window.

    Q: 2's partners?
    A: For DPS: Hunter, Ret, Mage, Shadow Priest, DPS Shaman. For healers: Disc or Holy Paladin, especially for the CC chains.

    Q: 3's partners?
    A: Some of the top feral comps right now (not necessarily in order):
    -Junglecleave (Hunter/Feral/Healer [pref Priest])
    -FPS (Feral/Spriest/Healer [usually shaman])
    -FPS2 (Feral/Ele Sham/Priest)
    -FMP (Feral/Mage/Priest)
    -"The Ret Dream" (Feral/Ret/Priest)

    How do disarm effects impact ferals?
    A: Disarms reduce our direct damage, such as Ravage, Shred, and Mangle. It does not effect our ability to use attacks. It should be noted that although it reduces our damage it is not worth trinketing.

    1.10 Upcoming Feral Changes


    • Predatory Swiftness no longer has a chance to make Cyclone instant, free, and castable in all forms.
    • Cyclone no longer has a 20-second cooldown for Feral Druids.
    • Cyclone can be cast in-form as long as the Predatory Swiftness buff persists.

    • Faerie Fire now has a duration of 20 seconds while in PvP combat (down from 40 seconds).

    • Dream of Cenarius has been completely redesigned to reduce complexity and increase usability, but maintain the spirit of the effects. Benefits now vary by specialization.
    • Feral: Increases the amount healed by Healing Touch by 20%. Casting Healing Touch increases the damage for the Druid's next two melee abilities by 25%.
    • Force of Nature Treant summoned by the Feral version of this talent will now cast Entangling Roots instead of Bash.
    • Mass Entanglement no longer has a limit on the number of targets that could be affected, up from 5.
    • Nature's Swiftness is no longer a talent, and is now an ability learned by Restoration Druids at level 30.
    • Ysera's Gift, a new talent healing the Druid for 5% of their maximum health every 5 seconds. If the Druid is at full health, it will heal the most injured friendly target nearby instead. This talent fills the spot vacated by Nature's Swiftness.
    • Glyph of Ferocious Bite now causes Ferocious Bite to heal the Druid for 2% of their maximum health for each 10 Energy used (up from 1%).

    • Glyph of the Master Shapeshifter now reduces the mana cost of all shapeshifts by 100% (up from 90%).
    • Glyph of Pounce now increases the range of Pounce by 8 yards (up from 3 yards).
    • Glyph of Skull Bash now increases the duration of Skull Bash's interrupt by 2 seconds, and increasing the cooldown by 5 seconds (down from a 4 second interrupt and 10 second increase to cooldown).

    1.11 Change Log

    7/27/13: Thread creation.
    7/29/13: Added information on Soothe and Remove Corruption. Also added 2 new macros and added extra info to the tier 3 talents.
    8/6/13: Adjusted Symbiosis section, cleaned up some macros and fixed a few typos.
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    Great read, thanks for the post! I just hit 90 on my druid 2 days ago so this was a great thread for me.

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    Few considerations:
    - No mass entanglement recomendation? It is very powerfull against hunters, rogues and warriors.
    - For glyphs:
    -- Might of ursoc definitely deserves some atention, it is very useful when playing double DPS on arena. The cd increase isn't really a problem as double dps won't last more than 3 minutes.
    -- Glyph of stampede roar: an extra freedom, has won some games when I was playing kitty cleave.
    -- Glyph of the predator (minor): this glyph used to increase your detection to beasts (other druids and hunter pets), not sure if this is still working.
    - I would add a mention of the dispel we have, I have macros to dispel it from both my allies (doom and hex is REALLY useful).
    - I would mention our offensive dispel also, even if I rarely see someone using it.
    - Hybernate on focus and Healing touch on partners would be useful too.

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    Hmm; yeah I'll try to work in another section under abilities; this was mostly a copy-paste (with formatting updates) from my Blizzard forums guide.

    Could definitely put some info on Soothe (especially for Dark Sim and Grounding) and Remove Corruption.

    Mass Entanglement is a tossup; a lot of classes you're likely to play with have root effects already (Hunter Disengage, Mage Nova, Spriest Tendrils) and I think Typhoon is too useful for interrupting heals and knocking off (on at least 2 maps) to have a 30s Instant Root which we already have in the form of PS Entangle (even though it's AoE). Granted most all the talents have their uses in random situations, so I'll go ahead and fix up the talent section a little bit.

    I'll add the glyphs you've suggested to the honorable mentions, but I usually don't see much use from them (from any feral really) with 2 being almost mandatory.

    As for glyph of the predator, as far as I'm aware it no longer increases your detection to them, it simply lets you see them on your mini-map same as Humanoids when active.

    Didn't really want to litter the macros section with macros most players already have from playing PvP in general, but I guess I should make the assumption some reading this might be playing their first character in a PvP setting.

    Thanks for the tips.

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    Cleaned up the thread a bit, slightly adjusted the Symbi section and fixed some of the macros which had un-needed lines of code.

    Also, cleaned up a few typos which made me slap myself.

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