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    FYI, Fire Elemental Totem is now included in the CD reduction trinket for Enhancement in the latest PTR build.
    I know, this is why i said that it's very good as long as they let it work like that.

    The problem is that this trinket heavily favors PE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shammypie View Post
    yes but what i have been trying to say is that when you equip the trinket on PTR it doesn't give you a flat 14% bonus. It increases your stats by 14%. So on average you will get 1-3% extra haste and 5-10% extra mastery.

    Also don't put your hopes on the cd reduction trinket as it is being tuned to only work for agi users in agi spec.
    Well think of realistic values like 26k haste rating, 15k mastery and +14% critical strike damage versus 2k haste.

    This trinket could give 3,7k haste, 2100 mastery and +7% damage on critical strikes.

    Base crit will easily be 50% in heroic gear -> another 3% dps increase.

    So this procc alone is better than 4 out 5 agi trinkets alone. On top, it also gives everyone an int or strength procc - and we would benefit from the strength procc.

    I don't understand what you mean about the agi cd trinket. I know it only works for agi classes - that's what the tooltip says.

    Edit: Just tested it on PTR and many of our trinkets got buffed. The Agi reducing trinket procc is now desaturating at a fixed rate, not per attack. Multistrike procc chance got doubled. It's clearly buffed for now.

    Stat trinkets mentioned above still crazily OP.
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