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    What else to do with Minerals/Herbs

    Alright so I've been farming my butt off. Have my own gbank, and I've been filling it with Ghost Iron Ore, Green Tea Leaf, Silkweed, and occassionally some Fool's Cap.

    I've been smelting some of the ghost iron ore and using my transmute master to make it into trillium and then into living steel. But I've got several tabs full of ghost iron ore/bars, lots of herbs. Like 4 stacks of golden lotus as well.

    Either way, selling it off as just the ore/bars and just herbs doesn't tend to give me much money. 29-30g per stack of herbs. 48-51g per stack of ore. Or if I've smelted it into trillium, the trillium bars are like 45g apiece, and living steel is around 430ish. Unless I'm farming like crazy amounts of spirits of harmony on my alch, I can't get but the 1 living steel CD per day without paying someone.

    So I'm trying to figure out mainly with the herbs what else I can do with them that will net me some more profit than what i've got now. I did try making some potions of the mogu power. Got them up on the AH now, waiting to see if they move fast at all.

    I've tried the potions of luck, but half the time they sell for less than the golden lotus itself. And those aren't as easy to get.

    And if I can do anything else with the ore?

    Just trying to get different options to expand my base. I'm trying to achieve gold cap. Thanks!!!

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    If you have a JC you can shuffle it. It's not super profitable but it's usually more then just selling it outright.
    Even more so since you have an xmute alch.

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    With all the respect, if you do not know how to make money with ores and herbs, give up your gold cap quest.

    But I'll be nice. Transmute master alone gives enough procs to make a decent amount of gold on a daily base. Ask a guildy to craft Belt Buckles, and without a procs you can already make a 50% profit. Use every other prof, ask guildy's or friends if you dont have the profs.

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    Just shuffle as explained on numerous other threads. Your challenge at this time of the year is people are already geared, stop playing wow , do exams , go on holiday etc. All means lower demand and less profit. You should be considering and preparing for patch 5.4 if gold is your thing.

    Now is a time to wind down, take a rest, buy stuff etc.

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