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    Quote Originally Posted by The Ogdru Jahad View Post
    Oh so you're saying the cloud serpent wire frame was in the game prior to heart of the aspects? Don't twist words, I never said it was part of the plot or anything of the sort. Heart of the aspects was a teaser from blizzard who finished working on the cloud serpent model in MoP and decided to modify it a bit for CURRENT content and release it for some extra money.

    If you honestly say the heart of the aspects mount has nothing to do with the cloud serpent model we have to today. You're wrong.
    Well ... you are wrong. lol
    I wasn't twisting any words, the model was created for the Dragon Soul raid and released when Dragon Soul came out. If you watch the final cinematic, the thing that shoots Deathwing is the Heart of the Aspects, and just as the name suggests it was the powers of the aspects (the 4 DRAGONS) hence why the 4 aspects are now powerless and also why the Heart of the Aspects looks like a dragon.

    It doesn't have a damn thing to do with MoP or Cloud Serpents. It wasn't a teaser. Any person with eyes can clearly see that the models look nothing alike, animations aren't even similar, the skeletons are completely different, the textures are not the same. Unless you think serpent-dragon = MOP SPOILER then there's no other similarity between the mounts.
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    it's about time they finally make a proper bird mount. so tired of freaky arm-wing firehawks and no legged phoenixes.

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    meawww alliance

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    If I were to start playing Warcraft again looks like it's time to dust of my DK again....

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    horde sux
    horde sux

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    As much as I like the crow, I'd rather hear more on the Dragon mount and when it's coming out.

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