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    1. Merge Servers; many servers are dead.
    2. More ways to gain reputation, including being able to get rep. from BGs, because not all the rep. rewards are PVE oriented, as there are mounts and what not.
    3. Remove LFR, and LFD; bring the community back together.
    4. Make gold a faction, and server wide currency, so we don't have to continually mail it to alts.
    5. Paid profession transfer, so if we want to change professions we can without having to completely level them up again.
    6. Add in a sanctuary like Dalaran for the next expansion, and those thereafter.
    7. Make another awesome world PvP zone like Wintergrasp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aredyl View Post
    2. Reduce the dependence of logging in every single day. Flip some of the dailies to weeklies. Introduce a reputation system that gives a % of the missed reputation for the day as "rested reputation," capping out at the daily maximum possible earned. The goal: get the players to not feel penalized if they miss a day or two of dailies.
    This one should IMO also apply to profession cooldowns (alchemy transmute, tailoring's Imperial Silk, etc.) - we should be able to do seven of those per raid reset, for example, instead of one a day.

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    Absolutely nothing considered on this echo tunnel, for sure.

    I know you guys detest LFR and the idea of others having the same sort of fun as you, but it's here to stay and, believe it or not, it was more of a good idea than a bad one.

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    For me it's always been about a few simple things.

    1) separate PvP and PvE damage numbers - the impact one can have on the other is vast and it's just not fun for most players who get rofl stomped by fotm OP combos who can't be adjusted adequately because of the impact in another area of the game.

    2) balance realm populations - It's no fun playing a MMO with 10-20 people on in your capital city during peak times. You have no economy and no pug encounters it basically cuts off huge portions of the game.

    3) more intensive graphics upgrades whilst maintaining accessibility for low end users.

    4) pumping out quality content at a good pace - see anything trion does with rift for perfect example.

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    Most os the suggestions dont have anything to do with new players.

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    Easy "Not shut down the servers" x7
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    That might have worked for some people but 10 and 25 man raid lockouts being separate meant a lot of guilds & raiders felt forced to do both or forced to only raid 25 man because it awarded better loot. It doesn't matter whether or not they were actually required, it felt that way. We saw the same thing with gating valor gear behind dailies at the start of MoP.
    Not for nothing but I do remember YOU defending them and this daily quest mishegoes quite a bit at launch. Maybe not so much anymore?

    OT some very brief points

    1. Less reliance on shitty fucking RNG (that goes for loot as well as class and boss mechanics)
    2. Less reliance on gates and grinds
    3. Less reliance on raiding as a whole to entertain everybody
    4. No more god damn valor behind reputation. Bring back the bloody tabard and remove the requirement to buy the gear.
    5. Increase the speed at which you cap valor. It should be roughly equal to whatever 7 dungeons a day was or at least let me cap solely by raiding
    6. Stop telling me what's fun in the game and telling me the way I was playing was wrong. I'm so sick of hearing well you used to do this because it was effecient but not fun well blizzard thinks this is fun (but really it's just more effecient) so go ahead and do this instead.
    7. Less complexity in some areas. More complexity in others. I could see us having more stat complexity but rotations should be toned down and the boss mechanics also need to come wayyyyyyyyyy the fuck down to. To much shit being thrown at you left right and center.
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    The hammer comes down:
    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    Normal should be reduced in difficulty. Heroic should be reduced in difficulty.
    And the tiny fraction for whom heroic raids are currently well tuned? Too bad,so sad! With the arterial bleed of subs the fastest it's ever been, the vanity development that gives you guys your own content is no longer supportable.

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    just 1 thing to add really.

    quests: kill crocs to collect eyes. and after 5 crocs, 0 eyes gained. thats just plane stupid. they were all blind or something!
    increase drop rates for quest items like these quests. its just plain boring to kill a mob 400 times over and over again for 10 items. just for 1 quest.

    im ok with the current state of the game.
    more dungeons? why? i see 0 reason for this.
    less scenarios? why? i really like them!

    LFR is fine. yes it is boring as *** after doing it for the third time. but we are a 100% pug grp and 75% of them are just plain stupid. so that system is working as intended.

    the daily Gating, is just stupid also. this should not be brought back in later x-packs. good thing they removed it now with mop.

    nothing much els to add tbh.

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    1- Seperate PvP and PvE entirely. You can't make PvE diverse and interesting, while making every class and spec feel different, and then balance all that for PvP where everything is equal and "fair". At the very least seperate off pure PvE realms where PvP is completely disabled. Essentialy everythings a sanctuary like sitting in Shatt or Dal. That'd be an undeniable way to prove how many people don't give a damn about "world PvP".

    2- Stop listening to people complaining about graphics and models updates. Minecraft, Angry Birds, and Farmville don't use advanced shaders and trillions of polygons. People on forums complain about a gameplay unique snowflake mentality. This is just a unique snowflake "I have an expensive graphics card and want to feel special" issue.

    3- Get rid of the ignorant Easy/Normal/Hard/Nightmare mode slider for raids. It's lame in console games and it's lame in MMOs. If I want to intentionally make a given encounter more difficult, I can bring along 9 guildies in quest greens or just do an undergeared alt run. Content is content, and one little boss mechanic extra doesn't mean jack.

    4- People who want ultra realism in a game with Bugs Bunny Bladestorm mechanics are insane. Most people who want super realism in a game are trying to escape into that reality like they're in a Tron movie. It's a serious escapism issue that should require counseling. If they want realism, they can go outside. If they want realistic weapon physics, they can go outside and join the military.

    5- Scale the levels. If City of Heroes had a level scaling Mentor / Sidekick mechanic, then any half decent developer can do that too. We already have Challenge Modes and BG scaling. A level 90 going into a level 10 zone and getting scaled down in power to that of a level 10 isn't going to one shot anybody, player or NPC. Sportsmanship is apparently a foreign concept to most nerds and gamer geeks.

    6- Disable trade and all multizone chats. I'd like to see zonewide general chat disabled too. If you deny an attention whoring troll a large audience, they tend to shut the hell up. The League of Legends research team said the same thing.

    7- This one is really extreme. Make reputation grinds really mean something by removing gold and such as a currency. We buy really good stuff with valor, justice, honor etc points. Instead, we'd buy things with reputation points with that faction. Buying stuff with reputation makes it untradable and completely eliminates gold farming.

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    They really need to double the amount of dungeons, the pool gets smaller every expansion and there are way too many remakes. I also don't get why you cannot add 2/3 new dungeons during the expansion. I agree ZG was horrible with the improved loot and you only ran that one, but what is the problem with putting 463 loot in there as well and just adding it to the regular pool? Just so we can get some new dungeons queueing to get some valor ~6 months into the expansion. In WotLK forge of souls etc was a really nice addition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post
    I know this is a suggestion thread but I just want to explain some reasoning for why they've done this stuff:

    1. Accessibility isn't "Free". A number of people have bitched about how annoying leveling Progressions are now-a-days. Extra loot rules actually help others get geared depending on how gear is handled with their guild/their luck with getting loot. Those Bonus Rolls have given me 3 sockets I wouldn't have filled with BiS gear without it since the items haven't ever dropped. LFR needs to be tweaked, but Flex raiding is also there. LFR gear isn't even good for an actual raider. And leveling has to be made easier. A number of people get bored and don't even want to level now-a-days. If it takes too long, people bitch and quit like they did Pre 5.3.

    2. Why? The items in no way affect your character nor how you play.

    3. Dungeons are normally half, a third, or a fourth the size of an entire Raid. They do take a LOT of resources to make. The whole reason we have huge, new raids back is because the resources they'd split between Dungeons and Raids are now used fully on Raids. Scenarios are much easier to make and offer a broader sense of content. Be honest, though: people get tired of those "new dungeons" within the first few days of running them. A raid has MUCH more long term use instead of a one time run then burn out.

    4. LFR in no way affects me so sure whatever.

    5. It hasn't been dumbed down; it's been made more accessible. Blizzard HAS to cater to all player types. It's a smart company move and all they can do so that the game stays alive. If they didn't do so, they'd be screwing over the game as a whole. Also, if they were catering to only single players, there would no longer be raids, BGs, Pet Battles, etc etc.

    6. ???? You're not making sense with this point. I don't even really understand it. You can play your class however you want it. I play my specs different than others play theirs, and the same goes for my talent point choices. I don't understand how this has to do with gating.

    7. The PVP players are a half of the playerbase just like those who do PVE. If they neglect an entire portion of the playerbase, they lose subscribers and thus lose money. Not just that but it would be terribly accepted by other players and make them think "Well if they gave up on them, are we next?".

    As I've repeated multiple times, Blizzard is doing its best to make the game accessible for all. If they didn't the game would have probably around 2 million subscribers and may have even died off years ago.

    Anywho, my own points:

    1. Keep listening to the playerbase
    2. Keep making the game more accessible
    3. Find a better way to balance out all types of players
    4. Keep doing what they're doing
    5. Keep doing what they're doing
    6. Sacifice Thrall's son to the Blood God Khorne
    7. Keep doing what they're doing
    The guy you quoted's changes would be best for the game. Yours would be best for the player. And by that I mean the "new" WoW player, i.e. post TBC.

    The worst decision they made was caving to the whining at Cata launch. They almost, almost fixed the game, and it would have been heroic. But they caved. ;(

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    1)Lower the sub fee
    2) BoA really BoA 3) Free appearance/race changes , cant think of anything else

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    I would like them to bring back the epics at the end of 5 man bosses, not a major change, but It made gearing the first time more interesting.
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    4. I'm okay with LFR. However, I am not okay with it being a mindless gear fest. I believe that the only RIGHT way for raiding is ONE progression path (like vanilla and TBC). We don't need 4 difficulties, we just need one game and if we can't make it, than you need to become better. Period. I think that the LFR could still fit in (aka get 15 people you trust, pug the other 10 for example). Sure a totally random pug may have no chance of succeeding, but perhaps the single difficulty will make people step up there fucking game instead of leeching off everyone else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShimmerSwirl View Post
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    You're forgetting that you didn't really have a choice and had to do Sons of Hodir dailies in Wrath to get the shoulder enchants... and Therazane in cataclysm.

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    I know I'm not going to sound very creative here, but I agree with everything the OP listed. Especially the updated character models. Blizz needs to try and make WoW feel "new" for veteran players, and I think graphical overhauls would be one way to do that.

    Also, I think bringing back the class-specific quests would help with the "more alt action" note on the OP. Warrior fray island / Cyclonian quests, warlock pet quests / class specific mount quests, etc. I think those quests made classes feel more unique, which made me want to play alts more. When you play alt characters now, you're just doing all the same quests over again from 1-90 on a different class.
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