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    Unhappy What to do come 5.4, Need a little advice pls!

    How bad are the nerfs to Holy paladins come 5.4? and should I consider Re-rolling to a class that will be stronger?

    I just recently joined a raiding guild as a Holy paladin, My heals aren't amazing, there good, but not great... There's another Hpally that's usually dominating the charts every raid night, this individual has their legendary cloak, and is also better geared then I am. I'm having a hard time picturing a 25man with two holy paladins come next tier, and because I'm not as geared as the other holy paladin, I'm afraid that I might be getting the boot from the raid group, if I don't re-roll to a stronger healing class...

    I really don't want to go through all the work of doing the legendary quests on a new toon... I'm getting so damn close to the legendary cloak on my Hpally!
    I haven't really been following the PTR patch notes, How bad are things going to be for us come 5.4?

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    If you have specific questions or opinions about the changes in the PTR, please use the thread linked above. Otherwise, we cannot tell you if you should re-roll since it is a personal choice.

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