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    What is with this magaera hate? I frigging love that fight. It just seems epic to me. There isn't a buttload of mechanics that you need to worry about for once, but it's just hard. I think the fight is cool (especially as healer), as it just fits.
    Epic how? It has about as much personality and atmosphere as a turd and a urinal respectively.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klaps_05 View Post
    felt pretty disappointing even on heroic. I was expecting the killing of the heads on heroic to be like 25% of the boss's overall health, but the "head" phases to be much longer, like 3 minutes per phase with a better variety of mechanics. the whole stun/fire/torrent/poisonpools/etc mechanics are nice, but the fact that you can pretty much ignore them(even on heroic you dont have to actually clear any fire patches) makes the fight feel boring.
    But isn't this a lot like iron qon? One very good thing about this tier is how every fight is unique compared to the others. (Personal opinion ofc)

    If it were something along the lines of having to DPS down the main body, but having to kill off a head now and then to prevent it from getting too strong (and have it gain power over time if you don't kill it), but at the price of increasing the amount of heads... Heads are the tankable things, but it's the body that has to die in the end, and it doesn't lose HP through killing heads.
    Obviously this is a very rough concept, but it's better than "there's 3/4 types of heads, every time you kill one it switches a type out, and starts throwing a secondary spell at you, kill 7 heads and you win". Killing heads should be a bad thing right? And why do we all fight long only fight 2 heads? IDK, I agree with OP, Hydra boss is a real nice concept, but this was simply somewhat poorly executed.
    Alright. I can see where you are comming from now. I love the fight itself, but it may not be as hydra(y) as it could have been. Hint for blizzard: Make it happen.

    Epic how? It has about as much personality and atmosphere as a turd and a urinal respectively.
    I can't tell you, honestly. The environment and the gigantic heads I suppose. I like it. This is obviously personal opinion, but in terms of epic-ness I think it is around DA level, above Lei Shen. The two fights just fit the atmosphere of the raid.
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    The fight It would be much better if we had to use some fire catapult on 1 of the heads so it doesnt regenerate. (on lfr it would be only 1 head up at a time, on normal 2, and heroic 3)

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    I thought that Megaera was fun and intense on heroic without the gear, but now with full heroic gear it's not really the same fight anymore.

    You pretty much spend more time waiting for the heads to pop up than attacking them.

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    I like the fight. Only fight I hate in ToT is Dark Animus.

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    I hate ToT, but I consider Megaera the second best fight in there on normal after Jin'rohk. There are a lot of different ways to do it depending on what the raids strengths and weaknesses are and it is the only fight in the entire raid that doesn't feel like a clusterfuck.

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    The really crazy thing about Magaera is that he is a straight-up steal of the final boss in the kid's game Skylanders (which, if you have children, you may find very fun).

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