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    Quote Originally Posted by rawrgh View Post
    Do you have to be lvl 90 to get the plains for the mount I already have a lvl 600 eng but he is only lvl 86.
    You can loot the recipe as soon as you hit level 85

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    Quote Originally Posted by 999tigger View Post
    what you dont know is how many other engineers have exacly the same idea. I think they will start at 70 and then slide down to about 50-40.
    Anyone willing to pay 150k is a fool because its the price of 30 cooldowns +12-15k. They look cool but they dont have the rarity factor.
    You miss the fact that 2 companion pets use the same mats, just half the amount and it will make mounts rares. Were plenty guys offering 20k+ today for Pierre on Burning Legion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treeskee View Post
    Yeaaah I think people are really highballing prices here. Once the AH is flooded you'll probably be getting 30-50k each.

    You can't really flood AH with something that takes 30 days to make. Unless everyone and their mom makes 600 engie.

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    Missed two days of Jard's Peculiar Energy Source so far, so gonna miss the train for the very high prices I think.

    Sucks, really need the money
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    Quote Originally Posted by Destined View Post
    You can loot the recipe as soon as you hit level 85
    not true , got it on my lvl 80 monk

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    I want 100k for it or I will just use it, gold is so easily obtained nowadays

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    I'm sure they'll still sell for a long time. Till everyone gets one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phyriah View Post
    Hoping to sell for around 50k. Maybe more if all goes well.
    I will be very happy with 50k.

    I think that the market will be flooded in the first few days.

    I will be happy with 60 x Living Steel cost tbh (counting the new mat the same as living steel) that works out about 32k on my server.

    I do also have no doubt some people might get 100k for them if they get lucky and someone is stupid enough to pay it.

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    No reason to use the mount immediately unless you really hate money. I'll be selling them until cost of Living Steel and Trillium exceeds what I plan on getting for a mount, then I'll just wait until next expansion to make my mount+pets for easy skill ups.

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    What time do daily cooldowns reset? Might stay up late wednesday night so I can post one of my golems on the AH in the early hours of thursday morning. In fact I might just post both of them, get decent money (if I can) and then buy one on the cheap a few days later.

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    Making the mount for myself, then the two pets.

    Only thing I would spend the gold on from selling is... other mounts, so meh.

    Got all proffessions maxed over my characters so I am self-sufficient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mehman View Post
    I'm going to sell it for as much as people are willing to buy it for. Maybe even more.
    Selling it for more than people are willing to pay might be slightly problematic...
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    Depends on the realm.

    Low-Medium pop like 100k?
    High pop, let the undercutting wars begin.

    Mine will probably go for around 60-70kish, but I have 7 to sell so not too fussed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phyriah View Post
    Hoping to sell for around 50k. Maybe more if all goes well.
    For the first one you should get more than that . I think about 70-100k so watch carefully. People will soon start undercutting each other. Probably worth selling in trade, but it will probably be competitive. People are being way too greedy over this. The price is only going downwards after each wave. If you dont need it immediately and dont have to be first on the block i.e have it for 30 days, then id wait for a 3 orr 4 months and you will get it much closer to mats price.

    I have seen people trying to sell them fo 200-250k because they bang on about a 30 day cooldown. You can level your own engineer(as many have) for 10k or much less.

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    I'm a few days behind on my cooldown, so I'll likely miss the big "omg gotta have it!" boom on this thing. I'm sure it'll still sell for a lot simply because it takes a month to make and because it's way different than every other mount in the game, but I think I'd rather keep my first one. If I wasn't so impatient, I'd sell it now while it's hot and buy one from the AH when it gets cheaper, but screw that.

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    atm i have 3 offers from about 100k to 130k.

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    Depending on the realms, It's going to be smart to wait, Because realms like mine where there will be more Golems than you can count, the price is going to plummet, fast, because I know of 24 Golems between myself and a few friends, There is going to like 100 at least, being put out, and everyone will be in such a rush to sell to get money ASAP, The first ones that sell will be higher, Then after that you're going to have a war between the barons lol, But I think it will settle around 75K is my estimate, because of it's function, I've read people say you can mine aswell as herb in it, and being a simply kick ass mount.
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    Did I miss something? Where does it say this is a two seater?

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    I will try to go for a quick sale, maybe 10%-15% from the lowest price on AH, even if its 50-60k only, because lets be real, the price will only go down overtime until it hits a lower limit! After than I will craft mine!
    Also try to sell yours through the /trade chat to save the 5% (if I remember correct) AH cut, which can be a fair amount of gold than will remain in your pocket!
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    I will sell it for as much as i can. If it goes for under 100k i will just learn it and use it on my paladin as mining/herbalism-bot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gegan View Post
    Did I miss something? Where does it say this is a two seater?
    You're right, I don't think it is, I think it's because when this mount was originally introduced as the Sky Claw, it was a 2person mount, then it as changed into the Sky Golem and it was never stated it wouldn't be a 2seater any more, but it was never stated it would be either

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