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    Massive stockpile of herbs, what do?

    So I just sorted my alts' crap out and I have about a guild bank tab full of herbs.

    What can I do with them that might be useful at this point in the game? I'm pretty sorted for flasks and don't really have any need for potions either for at least a few months.

    Any suggestions?

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    Turn them into shoulder enchants and vendor or just put them on the ah.

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    Hang on to them until next xpac for when people reroll and level alchemy/inscription and sell them at extortionate prices.

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    Yea, I'm still breaking herbs down on my scribe. Realize that it will take a while into the expansion to make a good amount of gold from them. The cycle seems to be Launch of expansion > grind faces for new herbs while trying to pawn old herbs > few people relevel professions but not enough to rid the AH of last xpac herbs > people giving up on trying to sell old herbs, or the people who tried did sell herbs > ding ding ding, herbs hugely overpriced.

    I'm on a high population server though, that's just my experience over the years.

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    You can go for lots of darkmoon Cards if you are interested in grinding to exalted there.

    But like Caedalus already said, this late in the xpac, i would hold on to them until next xpac and sell them for more than you would get now.
    Right now what you told us about beeing set on flasks and Booster-potions kinda Counts for the majority of the playerbase that late into MOP.
    So the prize right now is probabaly at an all time low. While next Expansion People would HATE to go back to MOPland just to Level their Alchemist.

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