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    sold for 65k outland eu horde side

    so much cheap ppl around and nearly no population
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    sold for 85k (80k after ah cut) on stormscale horde eu
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    Im keeping mine until next week when the market dries up again ( like it will every 10-20 days).
    Theyre on the AH for 58k on turalyon - Eu atm

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    I learned one, have 2 more to sell. I have one on the AH now for 149k. We will see how it goes. Im betting it wont sell, but there may be some desperate sap out there.
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    I sold mine for 125k on Bloodhoof EU.

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    well on my realm ppl are still optimistic and trying to sell for 120k+. What they fail to understand is that many have leveled engineering just to get that mount. It took me 13k gold to level from 0-600 and mount will cost me 22k in mats to make, thats less then 40k. So yeah if i sell it for 60-65k ill make profit of 40k ( not counting gold I ivested to level engineering ). So thats 2k/each day or 2k for 30sec invested....

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    Going for about 50-60k already on my server and still dropping quick.
    TBH, the sheer amount of time and resources needed just to make one, It's barely worth the effort if you're doing it for profit.
    I guess market will dry up next week or so so there could be boost in prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrApple View Post
    Sold mine for 231k. The second one is in the making. Will probably learn that one depending on what it sells for in a month
    Wow, you must be on a backwater server, or bought by someone who's extremely desperate.

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    sold mine for 55k + they provided the living steel.

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    bought one for 45k US black dragonflight

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    Bought one for 50k on the nearly-deceased Lightning's Blade EU.
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    Can't even sell mine for 40k. What a terrible server

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    It's almost funny to see how much people thought they would be able to get a few weeks ago compared to the prices the golems sell for now.

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    Got mine for 32k

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    I sold my to my fiance for nothing.... :\

    Good thing i got two more!

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    48k my realm suck when you want to make a lot of money, but still 48k is good if you see that there is few Sky Golems on AH for 40k
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    They're going for about 40 on AH, and 30k in trade on my server.

    If I take off the money for Mats and the gold I would be making if I was still making Belt buckles with the living steel instead (based on my servers current prices)..

    For 30k I would be netting in about £7000 more for making a Sky Golem.

    So for my Jards Shards I'm making about 200 gold per daily cooldown :/ LOOLLLS. There are far easier ways to make more gold then that a day for every other profession. I think the prices have officially hit "not worth the effort making it" levels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivis View Post
    It's almost funny to see how much people thought they would be able to get a few weeks ago compared to the prices the golems sell for now.
    True, they started at 150-200k on my server, didn't last long lol.
    Some mornings it's hardly worth chewing through the restraints.

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