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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post

    • I didn't have to worry about finding something on the vertical access. Oh hey, I'm on top of the mark on my map, where the fuck is it? Oh, it's this cave a million feet above me, hiding in some fucking kelp.
    • I didn't have to worry about getting melee range of some tinyass mob, looking like I'm in range but, oops, no, it's actually 15 yards below me.
    • I didn't get sim sickness from swimming all the time.
    • I also didn't have a problem aggroing things from overhead because it looks like I'm safe but no, there is a patrol 20 feet above me.

    I appreciate all the things Blizzard put in to make it more tolerable, but I still hate water combat, I hate vertical axis navigation, and I
    This covers my issues. Also related to the "getting in melee range", not only does it make melee combat an unnecessary chore, it also makes looting a hassle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dominating View Post
    Vashj'ir was fine, I leveled through that zone day one in Cataclysm on my Rogue and I thought it was perfect and by far the best 80-85 zone of the expansion. I don't get the "melee is difficult" argument at all, it was no different for me on land since you have a constant movespeed buff on foot.

    Now talk about shitty zones, just look at Hyjal and Twilight Highlands. Probably the most generic and boring garbage to slog through.
    Basically this.

    Vashj'ir was well done, just a few annoyances in the early days of the expansion (like every overcrowded zone). However, I despise gimmick underwater questing... which is basically every single underwater quest in WOW outside Vashj'ir.

    Vash made it easy due to permanent swim speed + underwater breathing buff and the seahorse.


    As for Melee... well I admit it was a bit frustrating at times, but given I almost exclusively play Melee classes, I have to admit it really wasn't that bad. The biggest annoyance was finding cave entrances. Would swim to the ping on the map, only to find my objective was inside the terrain, and then swim around a while longer trying to find the bloody entrance. But that just needed some fine tuning. Hardly a deal breaker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thassarian View Post
    Riiiight, because swimming around in a state of perma-slow was a fun way to spend your time in combat. The only melee's who had a bearable time in Vashj were Warriors and Druids (Charge works on a Z-Axis) and DK's (Death Grip negated having to move). Rets and Ehns got the shaft, not surprising.
    Casters have to move just as far, unless there is some loot from distance spell I missed out on. Stop crying over something that isn't even there.

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    Many people can't drive down the road without hitting something. That's a relatively 2D navigation. Trying to function in 3D really messes some people up. People used to pug into H Occ and drop immediately just because of the dragon mount combat. Some people can't play platform games because they can't time the jumps. Some can't play shooters because they have slow reflexes / bad eye-hand coordination. Games like Descent and Portal make some people airsick. That's something that can't be outgeared.

    As for the person saying that it would "seperate the keybinders from the clickers", that's the dumbest thing I've seen posted in a while. The only difference in 3D movement in WoW is using the X and Spacebar to move down / up. If you actually have to keybind to move in 3D, that's really sad. The Netherwing dailies had the race quests that didn't require one single keybind to use. I still circle strafe targets on my flying mount while moving up and down with only the additional use of the X and Spacebar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    Many people don't really like to fight in a full 3D environment. It's not just underwater. It's any fight where stuff can come at you from any direction other than front-side-back.
    This is all that needs to be said. I really hate vashjir, I've done all the quests just for the loremaster achievement and I'm never going back there.

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    Underwater level hate is considered bad in so many games, not just wow. I remember the hate people had for the water temple in Ocarina of Time, or teenage mutant ninja turtles on the Nes, or Conker's Bad Fur Day, or Earthworm Jim.

    People just genuinely hate water levels. I think its because of how the controls change for your character to something your not use to, plus the depth perception in some of them.
    I also think, even if they actually tried to make Aquaman the video game decent, it would still have sucked balls because it was set fully underwater.

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    Wish it will come back soon

    Who let the dog's out?! Whooo!!!

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    I like a zone to be underwater or even 1 raid instance. As long as the overal expansion doesn't revolve around being in water.
    And I need to be able to be speedy underwater.

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    I hate underwater or even in the air Aion style with the wings, I guess a full 3d environment.
    Example in Vashj'ir; Pulled a mob to kill, 'oh shit pullled a mob below me as well...oh damn pulled a patrol above me.....oh shit one from the side. '

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    If we talk about Vashj'ir .. then I loved it.

    I would gladly accept many more like that.

    Example in Vashj'ir; Pulled a mob to kill, 'oh shit pullled a mob below me as well...oh damn pulled a patrol above me.....oh shit one from the side. '
    This looks more like a l2p issue than a underwater one. No offence .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darmalus View Post
    A 2d screen is a terrible way to covey a 3d environment. That naga that looks in arms reach in front of me is actually well out of agro range and behind me. I have to spin my camera wildly to find the guy harpooning me. Plus the mini map has crude, at best, indicators of up/down.

    It's just a very frustrating experience.

    The zone, itself, was gorgeous.
    This is pretty much the same opinion I have. 3D-environments just eff with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justforthis123 View Post
    This looks more like a l2p issue than a underwater one. No offence .
    It has nothing to do with l2p.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongo42 View Post
    Games like Descent and Portal make some people airsick.
    Yep. I thought the problem was the low framerate of the original Castle Wolfenstein and Doom making me sick, but 1st-person games I can't play without medicine.
    You're not allowed to discuss conspiracy theories on mmo-champion, which makes me wonder what they're trying to hide.

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    Vash'jir is 1 of the only things I enjoyed in Cata... Some people just don't like anything that is different to what's gone before. It's proabably the reason vehicle combat is so disliked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noggis View Post
    Maybe because lots of class mechanics, usually the ones involving a reticle to place a spell on the ground, don't fucking work in a Z axis environment.
    Ye that's a good point actually... I still liked the zone though.

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    i hate being underwater because i start to breathe funny in real life.

    like i try to hold my breath. i hate it.
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    So after 10 pages, the most common issue is movement.

    I get that people get used to a certain game play type and it is not super simple to transition. But this really does sound like a lack of adaptability issue.

    I really didn't have much of an issue navigating around Vash. I play many types of games, which naturally makes me able to adapt to new mechanics on the fly. Since almost every enemy in the game will basically get into range to attack and just stand there. You have no need to look at the enemy you are fighting. So while you are pressing 1 - 6 on your key board, why not use you mouse to look around so you can be aware of your surroundings?

    How do you raid, and not look around at your surroundings? If Adds pop up, do you A: follow the pack or B: Look at where they popped up at and move to the best position to take care of them all the while ensuring you are still in range of healers and can easily transition back to the boss?

    Lack of situational awareness seems to be one of the main issues.

    2nd largest concern seems to be that people have an emotional wall when it comes to water. I did not realize so many people have anxiety issues when it comes to simulated water. I feel like a new Poll should be taken in the off topic forums, "Are you afraid of large bodies of water?" or even, "Do you know how to swim"

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    It has nothing to do with l2p.
    It very much has .. I never had problems of the sort , and I always lvled there instead of MH.

    And I got eyes problems too.

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    There is only two games whose water levels I didn't hate. WoW, because Vashj'ir doesn't really feel different from any other zone with flying mounts (and it is gorgeous), and Rayman Origins, because its underwater mechanics didn't interfere with the rest of the game as much as other platformers'.

    Usually, underwater levels have uncomfortable controls, a very artificial way to add dificulty to a game.

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    ugly collision system makes under water zones a pain in the ass, if they rework how to fight underwater i'm ok but if i ask something like this blizz will probably answer me "d you want more content or a reworked uw enviroment behaviour?" like when "you want more content or more 5 mans?" or "you want more content or a new race/class?" or "you want more content or race redesign?" like all of this stuff weren't content XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justforthis123 View Post
    It very much has .. I never had problems of the sort , and I always lvled there instead of MH.

    And I got eyes problems too.
    This just in: your anecdotal observations do not constitute a larger reality
    You're not allowed to discuss conspiracy theories on mmo-champion, which makes me wonder what they're trying to hide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrth View Post
    This just in: your anecdotal observations do not constitute a larger reality
    You are saying that if I , with my eyes problems , can play perfectly well in a water environment .. normal people cant do it ?

    Seems a l2p issue to me.

    PS: I'm talking about gameplay mechanics that do not differ that much from ground fight apart from those few skills like heroic leap. I never
    said that since I like it then everyone must like it too. So please don't try to use that against me .
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