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    Vash'jr was beautiful. I enjoyed leveling in it, but I play a druid and more or less had a free in-combat mount (Aquatic Form) during the whole time to gimp the problems a lot of people seemed to have.

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    The issue with spells like blizzard that have a targeting circle... yeah, thats enough for me!

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    Underwater is Far more fun as a ranged class than a melee, its pretty bad as melee sometimes.

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    Yes for underwater levels is surprisingly winning. And I quested through Vashj'ir on a Ret pally and a rogue AFTER having done it on a warlock and enjoyed it just as much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    He never said only clickers disliked it, but picture yourself being a clicker and having to level through an entire water zone. He can love the zone as much as he liked, if he is a clicker he will have more or faster issues then a keybinder. That's not an opinion, that is a fact.

    This one is a good example of someone who doesn't know what he doesn't like about it. The controls are the same as on land, just as the camera is the same, just as it's the same as controlling a flying mount.

    If the true issue would be controls then we would have had complaints about flying mounts. People are just stupid and don't know what they like/dislike.
    There are more than enough keybinders that think places like Vashjir and Oculus are complete shit. I never liked the underwater quests back in the old world in STV or Arathi or BFD, they're all bad because this game wasn't built for 3 dimensions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prwraith View Post
    I don't get it. I went through here as melee. No problems at all. Vash is far and away my favorite zone in the game. It's not even that difficult to navigate.

    I truly don't understand peoples issues with perception on mob location and quest locations. I mean the quest one I sort of get because people are used to having their hand held from A-B, but the mob one is senseless. Just look at it and move towards it, from one melee to another, it's not that hard.
    Word for word I agree. I found it no harder to swim to a mob in Vashjir than I do to fly down to a mob on my flying mount. Literally feel absolutely no difference at all.

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    This game is not designed for an underwater level of that magnitude with all the class mechanics not working (AoE) and other drawbacks
    Quote Originally Posted by Tech614 View Post
    It's obviously a port of Smash 4 with new characters and she was already in Smash 4.

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    I Hate underwater levels, they can go f*** themself while singing old macdonald had an farm.

    But crude remarks aside, if you want a underwater level that bad then the Devs can do it aslong as they offer a Hyjal for your Vash.

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    well during the initial race to 85 i got so fed up with not being able to shatter half the time due to pet freeze reticule not working with z axis.

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    Thinking about it, I disliked Vashj'ir the most during the first two thirds, where we were aiding the Earthen Ring and then fighting the naga with odds majorly against us with our Horde buddies. I didn't like how disorganized and under-equipped we were in the latter and the first was just boring, doing stuff for neutral nature guys. But in the third part we got reinforcements from Orgrimmar, it took us briefly back to the surface(I literally couched air at that moment in front of my computer) and we even got a badass submarine. We were once more an organized force to be reckoned with and made our base in a huge cave. The last showdown was probably my favorite climax of the new zones. Too bad the sub got destroyed, but we can make more for the Azshara expansion.
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