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    5% margin between a good player and a bad one is so ludicrous I have no words.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theholypally View Post
    Just to touch on this...raiding 4 nights a week isn't considered hardcore raiding. Some guilds do top 300 progression in 2 days...that's hard core.
    ... I knew someone would pick on this even though the VERY next sentence said In terms of time, that's hardcore. . I really wish people would read the posts before hitting Reply.

    Raiding 4 nights a week is hardcore in terms of time committed to raiding. To me, casual doesn't mean 'not good' it means that they don't make WoW a focus of their entertainment life and spend most or all of their entertainment hours playing. For people who play like that committing four nights out of every seven is decidedly a hardcore approach to the game. These same people are unlikely to surf forums, read guides, watch strat videos or spend time on the PTR. WoW is purely something they do for a bit to have some fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Injin View Post
    So much this. The reason we are getting flexi mode is because the games long term sub base is almost entirely relaint on the social aspect (f+f guilds) but theres no content for them. There used to be content for them, back when you could carry your baby brother or dim aunty through a ten man with 2 great, 6 mediocre and 2 crap players.
    And now we don't have to make that choice. People who are serious about progression and want the ultimate i n challenge have heroic raids. People who are serious but perhaps cannot or will not devote that level of effort to raiding have normal modes where everyone needs to pull their weight but, if they do, they can clear a tier in the patch in which it's released. F&F guilds who have a couple of bads and some mediocre players have Flex. People who can't or won't do regular raid times for whatever reason ave LFR that at least lets them see the content and get a few upgrades.

    Everyone's happy aside from the people who feel the game should only be what they like...
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    I don't see it as an issue, no 25 man guild just recruits 25 people, they have a roster of around 30-35
    Same goes for 10man, with a 15 man roster.

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