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    So T16 live on PTR

    What are peoples opinons on the new tier set for hunters?
    Personally i dont like it, looks "weird". Like its not finished.

    Took some quick screenshots of it. What do people think ?

    Edit2: Set is now called "X of the Unblinking Vigil"

    P.S THIS IS ONLY TIER ITEMS. "ONLY" Chest/Shoulders/Head/Gloves/Leggs

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    seriously ugliest tier to date

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    Pretty fucking foul :P

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    wtf it's awesome !
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    I actually think it's one of the best looking tier sets this Xpac.

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    I think it looks cool
    Hey there, how you doing?

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    Not bad, but not good either.
    I'll still be using my Challenge mod set, month 8 and counting....

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    The helm looks like a merged t1 and t10 rogue helm.

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    the boots are wrong in your pic.

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    I like it, besides the helmet. The helmet just looks strange.

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    Looks pretty awesome. Ima charging mah lazor! Wondering if the helm beam lights up every now and then or is it just a static thing?
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    Fucking amazing.

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    Why does blizzard give hunters the weirdest/strangest tier? I kinda feel for you guys, I know some of you like the weird/fugly look, but it would be nice if blizz gave y'all the shaman treatment of just pure awesomesauce for one tier.

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    i'm just thankful for transmogrification

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    CM gold xmog for life.... or until they add new CM gold xmog gear. But imo tier 16 is meh.

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    Kinda seems like the art team can't win. A lot of people groan on and on about the sets we get that usually end up just looking like we're wearing an animal. This set isn't at all like that, and people still hate it. Personal taste, I guess. I don't think it looks terrible. I have liked both previous sets this expansion a lot more than this one, though. But, I'll probably roll with this just for funsies.

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    Fabulous. I love brown.

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    If the shoulders where balanced.... and they changed the pants... perhaps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ohai View Post
    the boots are wrong in your pic.
    only head/chest/leggs/gloves/shoulders are available from vendors
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