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    If the colors on upper and lower part of the set would actually match I wouldn't have any problem with the set.

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    The shoulders are so plain.....ugh. Hopefully this isn't the finished model. Only cool part about the shoulders (imo) is the green light, outside of that - plain.

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    You cant really see if from the screenshots but there are actuall laser beams comming out of the "crystals" in the head and shoulders.
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    I like it...very different from what I would normally expect (killed it = wearing it) but its not bad at all.

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    It looks fantastic.

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    It looks pretty good. I wouldnt judge it to much from this pic tho since the belt is wrong and so are the boots and the graphic settings look set to low in this picture.

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    I like it, not inside another creature for a change.

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    I personally don't like shoulders where one is bigger than the other, but that's just me.

    It's looks alright. Compared to other sets it's pretty iffy but compared to the sets we've been getting in MoP, it looks pretty good.

    Edit: I can tell this set was inspired by rogue t10.

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    Beautiful diver. We are all divers For me it looks ugly

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    My opinion on this set: I'm glad transmog exists in the game.

    I dislike uneven sized shoulders, the fact that it looks like plate, the dual popped collars, and the pewpewlazers.

    Different strokes I guess. I can see how some would like it.

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    I think this is one the best sets hunters have ever gotten, something different form wearing a dead animal. The titan theme as well as the cool effects (check it out on PTR) makes it that much better.

    Of course this is my opinion and it seems to be the unpopular one.

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    My only criticism with it is also my only criticism of the current set. What is the stupid dangleberry hanging from the shoulder? it looks incredibly stupid.

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    A better expansion.
    Can you shoot explosive shot out of your face now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Finick View Post
    Kinda seems like the art team can't win. A lot of people groan on and on about the sets we get that usually end up just looking like we're wearing an animal. This set isn't at all like that, and people still hate it. Personal taste, I guess. I don't think it looks terrible. I have liked both previous sets this expansion a lot more than this one, though. But, I'll probably roll with this just for funsies.
    Why can't we just get a set that isn't dead animal parts plastered all over us and also isn't a giant single lightbulb where our face is supposed to be. The season 9/10 PVP sets were a much better attempt at giving us something different that also didn't look completely ridiculous.

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    Unlike with T15 I will actually be playing my hunter to get this while it's available. Hunter tiers are historically the worst of any class, I'm very pleased to see two solid ones this expansion.

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    I'm unsure on it.

    It looks like plate, not mail.
    Lasers are cool.
    Might look better on my slinky NE Female model than on Orc.
    I'll probably be transmogging it anyway.
    I probably won't get it anyway given my luck with loot.

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    This set actually looks TOTALLY different from any hunter set I've ever seen. Can't wait to see it on my Worgen. Might be my next transmog set :P

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    It's not the worst looking hunter set but its definitely not the best looking, they could of done better imo.

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