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    I started off (and still to this day my main) as a night elf druid, because I wanted to be a bear. I managed to level to 28 in balance spec while fighting as a bear the whole time (or I guess lvl 12 onward after doing the super hard quest to get the form), this being about a month before BC came out. I had also just come from quitting FFXI where I only made it to 30 because nobody wanted to level with a noob ass warrior. So I spent most of my timing sneaking around because I figured everything past teldrassil would kill me if I tried to fight it 1v1, which they usually almost did. The game seemed so grand back then, before I memorized almost everything about it, and thats why it was all so magical, getting lost in a world you don't understand.

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    Oh yeah, I also remembered something else. After getting a free run through gnomregan by a complete stranger, I met the girl that was actually who the run was for. We decided to go level in hillsbrad afterwards, so we walked all the way out there. I remember we were doing the turtle scale quest and making our way up the river to western plaguelands. When we crested the hill and saw WPL for the first time, I remember the first thing I said: "Oh look, I didn't realize they had a disney world in this game." We wisely proceeded to run back the other way, because we were too scared to go in.

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    I had keybinds from 1-9 and clicked everything else. Actually I don't think I even used abilities that weren't keybound, nor did I like using abilities bound from 7-9 so basically I lived with 6 abilities for the longest time.

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    Didn't know what the game was about and I was in awe of Azeorth. I used to spend hours frolicking and collecting herbs in Teldrassil.

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    In Nov 2005 playing my first character a Nightelf Hunter my brother came up behind and asked me what I was repeatedly clicking... he looked at my monitor and said "you dont hammer autoshot to shoot arrows you just pick a target press autoshot it will stop firing when the target is dead"

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    I remember one thing from when I was lvling late-bc/early-wrath, that was that being unable to figure out why my logouts were not always instant. I don't remember what lvl I was when I finally figured out that logging out in an inn or in a city let me log out instantly. (i think i might've been 80 by the time i figured that out)

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    -Not sure if ridiculous or not, but it took me 8 months of playing everyday to get my rogue to 60 back in vanilla.
    -Spending alot of time staring at the "swirly ball" effect above the character's head when detect traps was cast.

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    Pass on melee weapons with better stats as a hunter because I wanted more damage when monsters ran up to me.

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    First toon was a Warrior, started in Cata.
    - Didn't know how to use the Dungeon Finder or about BGs, leveled 1-70 questing.
    - And being a Fury Warrior from 10-65 using a One Handed Sword and Shield.
    -Also tried Enchanting, and thought that the "Green" quality of gear to enchant meant It had to have a Green Background on the gear's Icon. So I spent alot of time doing low level quests for Gear that had the Green Icon around them.
    - Thought in order to unlock the Death Knight class, I thought I must play and level a Pally up to 55, then be able to convert it into the Death Knight Class.

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    Two things:
    The first, that I'm still a bit embarrassed about in retrospect: Whenever I got an item that said "This item begins a quest" I always deleted it because I was convinced that I would never find the quest that that item would begin, thinking I needed to go out over the vast world and find a specific quest that required that one item, not knowing I just had to click on it for the quest :/

    Secondly, my first character was a human paladin in early BC. I had no idea that you could purchase spells upon leveling up (being over eager and young I paid no mind to the beginner tutorial boxes) I leveled up to 12 before deleting the paladin only by clicking on the Seal spell I was given at level 1, assuming that it was a damaging spell.

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    I named my first character "Witchhunter".. That is the single most ridiculous thing I've done in this game.
    And when shamans became available for alliance in TBC I rolled a MALE draenei.
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    Grinded Malachite for days thinking it was valuable on atleast 10 level 10-16 night elves.
    I couldn't get further then level 20 or so.
    I still do stupid stuff to this day.

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