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    Why are Casuals so insecure?

    All I ever see are the casuals complaining about hardcore and how they want to be "unique snowflakes", etc... Why are they so insecure as if making the game what it used to be is a problem and "Blizzard being dumb cuz only a small fraction gets to see content" lol I mean it honestly makes me laugh. Through all of this bickering does anyone who maybe never had the experiences in the game that they wanted to ever contemplated the fact that they could honestly get better?

    I mean seriously people can become better at this game, I don't understand why the game has to be so easy and dumbed down now, I'm saying this as a person who started playing in TBC 2008, just before the Sunwell was released. When I hit 70 attunements were removed. That was honestly a bad design in my eyes because it took a really fun experience out of the game, actually having to clear Tier 5 to go to Tier 6, you know? I'm far from a hardcore "elitist" I'm just someone who was really bad that got good. I have videos on youtube to prove how terrible I was at this game, we can laugh together.

    I think WoW should remove LFR/Flex AND Heroic. Why? Make it how it used to be man, that shit is just hard. It takes time and effort, we'll finish the content. I mean MoP is already almost over, this is supposed to be the last raid? SoO? Really? And I'm supposed to be excited to buy another expansion, which will probably be the last, because? Game is a JOKE!!

    Also I'm only 10/12 Normal mode(just downed Iron Quon or whatever that dude with the three birds, Sunday Night) ToT but it's not hard, just myself and the guild need to improve. I came back late, most of them too... we'll get there, we'll hit SoO hard tho, for sure. I just don't see the point of LFR it's useless, as soon as I started normal mode and never had to do it again, I stopped and wont return. Ever. Well maybe to adjust my UI, while I hold down some probably new players who don't raid normal and experience it because they do LFR.

    Well that is until SoO LFR comes out and I needa grab any upgrade I can for next tier... Christ... I used to not raid and play MoP, I was like "YEAH DUDE I'LL JUST DO LFR MAN SO I CAN EXPERIENCE THE CONTENT" and let me tell you when I did and I killed Lei Shen, I was like wow I need to do normals.. That's just me though.. I've played the game for 5 fuckin years tho.

    TLDR, Do casuals think they can never get better to do Normals/Hero's and also do they enjoy LFR? I mean for real?

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    Why are hardcores so insecure? "Why should casuals get to see MY content and wear MY gear?"
    <carried> US-Alliance

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    Short answer: No

    Long(er) answer: No. I've only ever seen raiders complain that casuals steal everything from them and don't deserve to have LFR and that LFR is a monstrosity. I rarely, if ever see "casuals" complain about raiders getting special treatment or anything. The former happens a lot more, and it's a reason why I hate the majority of raiders and raiding.
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    Horrible thread title
    Free-To-Play is the future.

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    Same can be said about the Hardcore.

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    Why do people in general care so much about what other people see or do or wear?

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    I'm not insecure stfu! you're insecure, I'm a good player! I'M A GOOD PLAYER YOU HEAR!? I JUST DON'T HAVE AS MUCH TIME!

    *queues for LFR* D:
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    You don't stand next to someone and speak In Spanish in an uncrowded area. Thats not a freedom concept.

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    Casuals don't post on the forums, so who exactly are you talking about?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Auloria View Post
    Casuals don't post on the forums, so who exactly are you talking about?
    This. Millions of 'casuals' just play the game and don't even know or care about fansites like mmo-champion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemah View Post
    Why do people in general care so much about what other people see or do or wear?
    This is what I ask myself every time I read these threads.

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    I see it more from the hardcore raidersthat are whining about nerfs, LFR, and people at a lower progression level getting purples. Casuals for the most part don't even go on to the forums. Since, they either don't know about them, or they don't have as strong an opinion about certain aspects of the game.

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    i find that both sides raise strong points, but my personal opion is rather shattered between the two sides.

    yes, im a raider 13/13 hc. i like that i enjoy the challenge of the encounters, do i like the simplerer versions? Not when i downed the encounter on Heroic, cause i expect the harsher requirements.
    does that mean i find LFR a bad thing? no, i actually find it quite a good addition. i know that many of my former guildies stopped raiding for various reasons, and while a majority would actually enjoy hc raiding agian its not in their current situation to do so, nor join another guild for slower progress and do normal. for them too still get a slight feel of the current content LFR is a good mode added. on top of that it allows me too gear up alts and enjoy different roles for certain encounters without having to do raiding on 2 characters.

    Do i think Heroic Raiders should get something extra? yes, i think a small reward as a title or mount (or transmog gear, like gold challenge modes) is a good addition.
    it shouldnt be anything major just cosmetic too show you went the extra mile.
    so it shouldnt be things like Legendaries, those should be aviable too everyone who put the effort in it too get it (and not some random lucky drop chance, not a fan of those. doesnt reward effort, just dumb luck). ofcourse i get that people who do LFR should prehaps get the Legendaries slower, considering the relative easy of doing it.
    and HC raiders get it faster due too higher challenge involved. but the easier version shouldnt be locked out, so that the other can feel superior.

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    Funny thread, because obviously the people who can't stop whining, constantly have issues with game features they don't even use, and would feel better if someone else got something taken away, are the ones who are insecure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vellerix View Post
    I'm not insecure stfu! you're insecure, I'm a good player! I'M A GOOD PLAYER YOU HEAR!? I JUST DON'T HAVE AS MUCH TIME!

    *queues for LFR* D:
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    Another rant from an arrogant player too damn short sighted to see exactly what the problem for casuals really is.
    Time commitment, not skill.
    Fixed raid rosters, fixed start times, long duration all factors which play a part in making raiding difficult for people with less convenient circumstances than you.

    Quote Originally Posted by jsz View Post
    Why are hardcores so insecure? "Why should casuals get to see MY content and wear MY gear?"
    The Hardcore are the insecure ones here.
    They get upset when someone else gets a watered down version of their experience.
    They get upset when the experience is not unique to them.

    Well guess what, your experience is unique.
    LFR does not equal the experience of normal or heroic.
    Otherwise why would you raid in normal or heroic ?

    I raid in as high a format as I can meet the requirements for.
    The scheduling requirements for normal are why I cannot raid that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joegrizly View Post
    All I ever see are the casuals complaining about hardcore and how they want to be "unique snowflakes"
    All I ever see is hardcores posting this as if it's some sort of valid argument. It's not. It's invalid because it's not true. It's not been true since 10-man raids were introduced and 95% of the playerbase assumed casual = bad, or that because 10-man gear had purple names, it automatically meant it was equivalent.

    Also, your point about 'having played for 5 years' holds no ground, as there's people like me, and many others, who have played for 6 years, some having played since Vanilla. You're complaining about LFR and Heroic, but that's your mistake - You assume everyone WANTS to raid with a regular group or on a schedule. Here's some facts;

    - You generally conform to a prespecified raid time when running 10-man. FACT.
    - You generally stick with the same people. FACT.
    - You generally get stuck on a boss because the same person fucked up and you don't have enough people to bring another one in. FACT.

    Here's some more facts, this time about me;

    - I don't want to raid at a prespecified time, or even more than one day a week.
    - I often don't care about completing a raid now.
    - I don't have to compete with others for loot since there's no boss drops.
    - I don't WANT to be stuck with the same people, because when you screw up, they start talking and spouting shit about you, and it turns sour very fast.
    - I don't WANT to deal with bullshit from raiders because I decided to step away from the game for a few months and thus lack gear when I return.
    - I don't WANT to get stuck on a boss all night because one person fucked up. I'd rather have a system to match someone in for me, and let me do my best each time.

    I raided through 2/6 Sunwell before 3.0 with a guild, 11/12 ICC Heroic 10 and 25 before 4.0, and did TotGC10 with 50 attempts left before 3.3. In Cataclysm, I stepped out due to real life. When I returned, and we were wiping on Alysrazor heroic 25 because I was an undergeared tank, I got shit from the DPS about it, snide remarks and such. I left again. When I returned for DS, and we wiped on Deathwing because I was again undergeared, I got told I was doing it wrong - told to stand in one spot, and then told after the wipe that I wasn't where they'd told me to be, despite standing right on the marker. The guild were struggling for numbers, but I'd given them enough chances. Every single time I was drove away, it was by the DPS. Not by those that I'd raided with for years - no, the newer ones who figured that the sun shone outta their ass and that people would put up with their bullshit comments. At that point, I left and never returned to organised raiding.

    I stepped away from WoW for most of the months before MoP, and when MoP did roll around, I decided it was time, after over 5 and a half years, that I start enjoying the game and playing how I want. Now, I'm happier than ever with the game. I can raid when I want and how I want, don't have to deal with drama from asshats who think I'll put up with it. I don't have to compete with loot (it was never a major issue, but it was still a consideration). I don't want to be a special snowflake to other people. I just want to do things my own way, accomplish that which the majority haven't (e.g. tougher or more grindy achievements like Battlemaster, or Bloodthirsty, or even non-game achievements like difficult boss solos). Moreover, I'd rather feel like I excel at something in real life and stand out there. I'll still try to be exceptional at the game, but I could not give a shit about standing out from the crowd.

    No one wants to be a special snowflake any more. Anyone that does is a fool. It's not possible to be one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsz View Post
    Why are hardcores so insecure? "Why should casuals get to see MY content and wear MY gear?"
    This thought doesn't even go through 'hardcores' minds the way you phrase it. It's just you that is so vain that thinks they're after YOU. Casuals=Self Centered.

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    I'm not the one who came here to make a long rant about it based on generalizations and assumptions of what a "casual" player is. (I wonder how many who rant about this also cry about how unfair assumed stereotypes of WoW players are.)

    I'm a casual player, I play what and how I enjoy. I like a challenge and managing to, hopefully, succeed, I like being geared and all that and be able to hold my own. You do your thing, I'll do mine. Capiche?

    People think they're hardcore on a game they claim is too easy... adorable.

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    A lot of jealous dudes lol

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    So many generalizations.

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