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    Difference in Gemming

    So i've seen locks gem Intell, Intell/Hit... Others gem Straight Haste/Mastery. Wondering if there is any major difference between the two. My guess would be gemming haste would be easier to reach caps, But i'd imagine Simcraft scale factors would say double Mastery/Haste would slighty out weigh intell. So ya, curious about it. Any help would be nice! If there is a thread about this alrdy .... Sorry for posting another!

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    With the doubling of secondary stats on gems, unless you have very unusual scale factors, secondary stats will beat out int. The only real challenge is checking if secondary stats with the socket bonus beat straight best-secondary stat.

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    Also alot of people gem generic based on both specs they use - so gemming might not be the best it can be in either spec (to save on re-gemming on every spec switch).

    But there really isnt any thread to tell when its better to start gemming haste/mastery over int. Only way to know fo sure, is to use SimCraft and see what numbers you come up with.

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    In my destro gear I went full mastery (GoSac). Had great results. 100% mastery is obtainable, resulting in very hardhitting spells.
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