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    Shaman pvp in 5.4

    So, i usually play a monk on live servers, but i decided i wanted to try a shaman out for once.

    I went elemental and hopped into a bg, and just started tearing through people. Literally with one cast of lava burst and elemental blast people were just dropping like flies.

    I ended up first in every stat, including healing.

    My question is, have shamans always been like this? Or is it just 5.4?

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    Was this on the PTR?

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    Was this on the PTR?
    Read first sentence, should be clear it's on PTR.

    Most people who play PvP on PTR are, well, bad. If you're semi good at WoW in PvP, you can pick almost any class and start wrecking ball on PTR. I am not denying that Ele shaman have some sick burst, but it's very RNG.

    I also scored top KB/Damage/Healing on my PTR disc priest, but I'm not gonna start any thread about it, since as I said before, it's PTR.
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    ele shamans not only on ptr but also on live can randomly global ppl with echo and mastery procs, just put flameshock on as many targets as you can and shoot free procs... spec in unleash instead of elem blast for more lvb dmg ^^

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