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    ilvl Squish addon

    Bliz should just cut everything in half,.. all damage, all hp,.. ilvl's in half,.

    #'s all smaller now...

    just EVERYTHING divided by 2.
    everything/2= squish..

    then anyone buthurt or raging about it we make an addon... x2... it takes every number in the game and times it by 2.. recount?... times it by 2.. boom problem solved,.. peps that like big numbers and cant wrap there head around the game still being the same even with smaller numbers,.. boom addon fixes it,..

    next addon is the x10 addon... you like final fantasy,.. boom!,.. get the x10 addon and see the millions of damage fly..

    - - - Updated - - -

    doesn't even have to be half,.. could be cut less tehn half,.. whatever number they want,.. the key thing is to keep it simple so developers time isn't bogged down to much on this and they can move on to cooler things.
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