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    Ember Regen from 5.4 Rain of Fire

    Hi all,

    I am in the process of updating the simc warlock module for 5.4. Does anybody have some data to explain how the RoF on the current PTR generates Embers?
    It looks like a small chance on every tick to create 2 ember bits.... This might be the crit chance, but it is not tied to critical ticks.
    Additionally, if it only hits one target, it typically creates only 2 ember bits. If it hits two targets it typically generates 6-8, so it might be handling the first target differently (and how to define which target is the first one).

    As you can see this isn't really clear, so I could use some help from you guys. Step on the PTR, hit the raiding dummy/ies and take note of number of roF ticks/crits and ember bits. If somebody has a twitter account that GC replies to, maybe somebody can ask him how it is supposed to work.

    Thanks in advance.

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    It still has a chance to generate emberbits, but at a much lower chance than the live iteration. It averages out to something like 0.4 emberbits per rain of fire tick on live and like 0.25 on PTR.

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    From my last tests :
    LIVE : 1232 ticks, 506 emberbits : 0.41 emberbit per tick
    PTR : 1232 ticks, 314 emberbits : 0.25 emberbit per tick

    I think (crap memory ) I had two target dummies under the RoF.

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    0.25 works for me as well on the PTR (no matter whether I have 5% or 15% crit on my gear). Will take this for the upcoming 540 simc release. Thanks!

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    Bit late to the party but anyways, just did them on the ptr:

    1 target: 50 procs out of 295 hits and 65 crits
    2 targets: 52 procs out of 348 hits and 54 crits
    3 targets: 102 procs out of 627 hits and 117 crits

    15.04% crit, non-boss stormwind dummies, 2 ember bits each proc obviously.

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