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    did they increase the drop rate from LFR mogushan/heart/springs?

    I thought I saw something about that from the patch notes, but I can't find it in 5.2 or 5.3

    Or was I wrong and it was just token rolls on these LFR dungeons having a higher rate of drops?

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    "The chance of getting personal loot in Raid Finder and the chance of a successful bonus roll in Raid Finder have been greatly increased for the 5.0 raids."


    seems to be both.

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    It's still RNG. A few months ago, on one alt I looted 5 out of 6 bosses, on another I got like 1... The lucky one kept getting lucky on everything else even.
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    thanks, gonna catch up my 87 new main asap to qualify for ToT LFR to get my epic cloak/meta before pugs start kicking me from flex raid for not having one.

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