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    Quote Originally Posted by Quilzar View Post
    What do you mean like Valor gear is 522 compared to LFR 502?

    People read so much into so many things (and some people get frustrated when the things they have made up don't happen).

    LFR is for randoms.

    Flex is for PUGs and Friends.

    Normals and Heroics are for Raiding guilds.

    Do I think this is to many levels of difficulty?

    Sure I can see that.

    But I think I would rather they merged Flex and Normals (and tuned Normals slight lower than say Horridon was) and keep LFR, than get rid of LFR.
    I could care less if LFR exists, because I have quit running it. It'll be nice to have alternatives to grinding valor to get gear upgrades that aren't LFR, so I may dust of an alt or two in 5.4. I can promise that the only way I will ever use LFR again is if for some reason it becomes a place I can improve my main again. I hope that is not the case. It's existence is meaningless to me unless I'm lured in for character progression again. I think with the new gear levels in 5.4 that LFR participation will drop quite massively, especially if people find flex raiding managable and rediscover what it is to raid casually with friends as opposed to 24 random people, some of whom are usually rude idiots. I don't 'hope' for anything to happen, but I believe the game would be better right now if LFR wasn't forced down the throats of the player base.

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    I can't care less about Item level squish!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qanlayeni View Post
    'The Lesser Charms that may be added to the Asian store are there as a convenience item for players that may not have time to do their daily quests that week or players who just want to save time. There are no plans to add items to the store that will increase player stats.'

    Maybe if the western market mass quits, maybe we will get some love too! Like buying premade lvl 90's for those who want to 'save time' lvling up and maybe we can buy a set of full pvp bop gear for those of us who want to 'save time' from farming honour. Hell maybe we can buy the full list of achiv's and HC gear to 'save time' from even playing this game!

    Seriously a massive joke how much more blizzard is a money hungry grabbing company as opposed to back in the old days.
    Well they have to make up for all of the subs they're losing in some way!

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    Most likely the game engine uses 32bit integers. The engine that runs on the servers. This limits the servers to 4bil. The client uses Lua 5.1 for the UI and all mods. Lua uses float for all math and wouldn't have a problem going beyond the 4bil limit. But I think numbers are too big and would be in favor of the squish.

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    Fucking sweet green fire on my mounts now
    As for item squish, i like the big numbers only from the perpsected that it makes my char feel like its grown over the years, got more powerfull and what not.
    Nothing to do with epeen like someone mentioned before, not sure why they think epeen has anything to do with it when we all level to 90 the same :S
    As long as it doesnt fuck over low level grinding , for me i dont want it , it will take me a while to adjust back down again to it but yea whatever, get on with it i guess.

    i do actually think there will be some sub losses over this, some people will not like the squish simply because of what i put above, it feels like your char would be backpeddling. Most others that leave due to this will be the same old bandwagon riders most prob.

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    Screw the revert on the demonic gateways. I don't want a 1min debuff. Fucking lame.

    Also - buying your way out of dailies now? AWESOMELY NOT AWESOME. If this EVER gets put into the US/EU/etc servers I may just quit.'s crappy enough that they've started putting "cosmetic" armour up for RL$; I seriously believe it's only a matter of time before they start letting players buy their way to success in WoW. They keep saying that they won't put direct character-stat-increasing items up to buy but for real - at least by some point the next expansion you'll be able to pay Blizzard for your gear upgrades to "save your time" coz you don't have time to play every day.

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    that vine/tentacle TCG art... lolwut

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    The item level squish is not going to take all that long at all.

    They will script it all about. The most is checking to see if it all works out balance wise.

    You people freak out because they mention something that you may not seem to like.

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    The 4th class would be a Controller-type, similar to DCUO, gone would be most debuffs applied by other players as well as energy/mana regen. That's why they don't want to do it, it would be too much to adjust. They already took a few ideas from that game, why not some more.

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    The problem with the squish is that unless they switch to linear scaling (say, 10 ilvls per "tier") it's just going to keep happening.

    If it scales exponentially, say in 6.0 launch raids everyone is at 100 ilvl. In 6.4, everyone is at 200 ilvl. That's like going from 489 in MSV to 978 in siege. The power scaling will still be absurd, and unless they continually readjust these levels every expansion, it will just spiral out of control again. That's just how exponential growth works.

    If it scales linearly, then those same people at launch would be at 100 ilvl, and then be at 140ilvl in 6.4. Imagine how cool it's going to feel to replace an item from the previous raid tier and get 9 intellect! Or 15 mastery! HELL YES.

    Mega damage solves the problems without the perceived nerf to player power. If they reduce everyone down to TBC damage levels, people will quit the game. Certainly not everyone, but some. Can they really risk that?

    Seeing a fireball hit for 503k at level 95 and having a tooltip with 12.3k Mastery is a lot more interesting than being 580 ilvl in Siege and doing 250k dps, 6.0.4 dropping and suddenly doing 2500 dps. Not to mention the goofy stuff that is bound to happen because encounters are tuned with an expected player power proportionate to level for a given tier.

    Even if it's not a player power nerf, it will be perceived as one.

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    Item level is a problem that can't be fixed in a game with vertical progression. It's pretty ridiculous how they want to try and fix it. Chances are they will end up hurting the game or changing their mind.

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    ...The more I look at that Gnome Warlock artwork, the more I like it. O.o Her eyes are brilliant!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChetaPaw View Post
    that vine/tentacle TCG art... lolwut
    lol my thoughts exactly

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    Nerf again Shadow Priest, my warrior free all Sp in 3 secondes, gg blizzard.

    45sec for nada !


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    The 'character progression' argument against the item squish seems pretty ridiculous to me. The only thing that's changed is the numbers. Your place in the world and what your character can accomplish have not changed one bit.

    Imagine I came from somewhere that uses a currency with big numbers like the Czech Republic. Say I went to the UK and got my money changed to £'s instead. Do I feel poorer because I have 100's of pounds rather than 1000's of koruna in my wallet? No, of course not. I still have the same amount of money just in a more concentrated number. Imagine I buy a pint of Guinness. The numbers have changed but the beer, what I paid for it and the enjoyment I get out of it have remained EXACTLY THE SAME. I don't feel like I'm any less wealthy because everything around me has adjusted to be the same.

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    hmm looks goood

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cattleya View Post
    "I and my friends dislike big numbers, therefore the item squish is good" is no more of a valid reason than "I and my friends dislike small numbers, therefore the item squish is bad".
    I agree with the thought on the harmonies... time and time again I have not been able to make something for alts because I do not have the stupid motes yet.

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    Ah WoW. The game of ever increasing cost for ever shrinking amounts of content. Now only 3 raid tiers for an entire expansion (since Cata), cash shop selling skins in a subscription game and a shrinking player base. Anyone left playing has to pay more to make up for all the people jumping ship. Have fun with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vesci View Post
    Ah WoW. The game of ever increasing cost for ever shrinking amounts of content. Now only 3 raid tiers for an entire expansion (since Cata), cash shop selling skins in a subscription game and a shrinking player base. Anyone left playing has to pay more to make up for all the people jumping ship. Have fun with that.
    Nope. Still costs less than 50 cents a day. Has for 8 years now.

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    Psyfiend health has been reduced by 75%, but fixed a bug where Psyfiend wasn't being affected by base Resilience.

    Huh? Dont they have like a miserable 40k already?

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