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    So I've decided to give Liadri a shot based on the video zito linked, done about 20 tries on my zerker warrior and kept failing massively as soon as p2 started :/
    Switched to my condition necro and killed her in about 10 tries.
    After I read this I got on my necro and did some attempts. Took me about 6-7 attempts and I was able to get her down. I didn't use any boosters and the food I used was rare veggie pizza.

    I used the build this guy used

    Signet of the Locust helps a ton with dodging the necrotic grasps and getting around the arena easier. The hardest part honestly on my necro was just trying to survive phase 1 sometimes. There'd be some fights where I felt I was in total control and dodging all the necrotic grasps, but then other attempts where I'd get screwed so hard I'd get killed on the very first orb lol

    I saved grasping dead only for orbs, and I actually forgot to pop signet of spite at the start of phase 2 and it wasn't til she was half way dead I remembered. I was in the downed state when she died too, but I had so many dots on her she died before me.

    I did a bunch of attempts on my elem, and then switched to guardian and it got easier. I was getting further in my attempts and had a couple where she was just 1 or 2 hits from dying. Phase 1 was really easy on my guardian, but phase 2 was a little more difficult.

    On the necro phase 2 was so much easier just because with the condition damage you don't really have to worry about your dps, and with the scepter none of the mobs are gonna block any of your casts so all your damage goes to Liadri. Since you're not so concerned with dps it's easier to be aware of the arena and everything else that's going on. I had less tunnel vision. The problem I kept having on my guardian was having to worry about which way I was facing her when I was casting, all the clones absorbing my hits, and I just wasn't doing that much damage so phase 2 was lasting pretty long.
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