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    Quote Originally Posted by TylerN View Post
    No, there's no need to do so.

    I have everything I use bound beside professions and hearthstone.
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    Every ability that I would use IN COMBAT is bound to an easily accessible button. Anything else is bound to some random harder to reach button or just clicked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgettable View Post
    Every ability that I would use IN COMBAT is bound to an easily accessible button. Anything else is bound to some random harder to reach button or just clicked.
    Pretty much this for me as well. Just that, as a shaman, that is still a helluva lot of binds >.<
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    My major CDs, yes. Spamming Cobra Shot, Frostbolt, not usually. And things like flask/food/mounts, noooo.

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    For the most part, yes.
    I even bind eating/drinking as getting a clean sit in arena can be very beneficial against an absent minded team.
    I only have SDF setup for movement, as I have unbound backwards movement.
    My mouse has 2 thumb buttons which I have bound to shift/ctrl which essentially expands my keyboard 3 fold.
    The really obscure abilities, such as archeology or milling, I have bound to F5-F10.
    Hope it helps,

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    Pretty much ye! Although this really didn't deserve a new threat imo... There are plenty of keybind threats out there
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    I click my mounts and army of the dead, I click horn of winter too. Everything else important is bound.

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    Anything and everything that is vital i bind, this includes conjuring food and mama gems as well as eating the food. I even have some items bound such as my salyin war banner and my Loot a Rang. The only things that are not bound are my professions, my gear sets for PvE and PvP and some of my countless vanity items (although these bars are hidden unless i mouse over their location). I even have interact with object and NPC bound to buttons which is pretty much needed if you want to get anything done on an overpopulated server.

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    Unfortunately as a pvp monk, I can't really click on anything. Only thing not keybound is Transference.

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    I really only use the 1-6 keys since they are fast. Anything from 7 to = I click. But those are reserved for self casts where I do not need to worry much about them.

    I do use the ctrl + 1 - 6 as well since I can hold ctrl with my palm and still hit the 1 - 6 keys with my fingers.

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    I use a razer naga.

    I have 1 to =
    ` to ctrl =
    ! to +
    alt 1 to alt =

    also wheel up wheel down with ctrl shift and alt mods

    qertfzxc with alt and shift mods. ctrl mods are used for panels on those keys.

    I unbound turn left and turn right and swapped with strafe left for a and strafe right for d.
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    yeah, i keybind all the things.

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    Yes, every single ability is binded, some multiple times (PVP with offensive @focus macro, and defensive @partyX).

    +mount, healstone, PVE potion

    But if you just start to keybind, do it by little steps. You won't be able to keybind everything at once.
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    I keybind all abilities.

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    Every single thing that gives you an edge including mounting, bandaging and eating. All cd's and abilities are a must, really. Especially if you're pvp'ing.

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    Using a Razer Naga, I use 12345qezxc +shift, wasd is shift only, and naga 123456. Only thing I click are potions, poisons and if my tricks target dies I click the raid frame when it's up (it's macroed into my filler, so it will just be a highlighted hand if my @player dies).

    More than enough for every class, granted I don't play most of more than LFR. PvP you REALLY REALLY should keybind.

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    No, I only keybind those who are used regularly or have to be used in a small timeframe (i.e. interrupt/dispel). I also use a Naga Hex, so maximum finger comfort

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    No, Only keybind the abilities who I use the most and the abilities I need to press fast, like silence.

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