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    GW2 pvp

    I've been thinking about buying this game but I have no clue how the system works, is there arenas? Is it only battlegrounds and is there world pvp?

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    Structured PVP (similar to battleground arenas)

    World vs World (RvR from other games)

    That is your pvp in GW2

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    There is no world PVP, dueling or Arena.

    There is a massive, thrice repeated discretely instances battlefield(s) known as World vs. World. It pits 3 servers against each other weekly. Servers are ranked and move up & down the standings. The battlefield is one based around supply depots and control points.

    Alternatively, there are smaller CP based battlefields which are akin to the instanced battleground/warfronts seen in other MMOs such as Tera, The Secret World or World of Warcraft.

    There are PVP-ish mini games too. Such as costume brawl, a dodge-ball like game and one similar to hide-n-go seek. For example.

    Should read the wiki first for all GW2 questions. It's a fairly good overview of all functioning systems of play.

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    There is no world PvP in the open PvE world however things like this happen in the Obsidian Sanctum nightly.

    Arena is 5v5 tournament or 5v5 + 8v8 hot join. There is custom arenas where you can set as many or as few players as you like within those parameters.

    Then there is WvW - a MASSIVE week long battle between 3 servers across 4 maps.
    and then you have madmen like this.....

    There is also Tournaments, there's one going on now for $10,000. Here's the details and a match from the EU qualifying rounds

    The cool thing about structured PvP is you don't need to level up or grind gear. It's instant 80 with your choice of stats, runes, sigils, weapons, abilities, etc. Want to play a necromancer? Instant. A Engineer? Go for it
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    In the next update, there will be solo queue PvP.

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    There already is solo queue pvp...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meledelion View Post
    There already is solo queue pvp...
    Technically, yes. But right now you are queued up against and/or with players who queue up in teams. The update will make sure you are always and only queued against and with solo players.

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    I know, but making it out there is no such option is worse than saying the thing we have might not work as you want it to.

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