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    Would You For or Against Legendary PvP Gear?

    Legendary PvP weapons, armor, mounts, and hunter pets.

    -1H swords of L'oGosh
    -1H fists of Kargath Bladefist
    -Staff of Medivh
    -Lord Uther's 2H Hammer
    -Poleaxe of Mannoroth
    -Shackles of Vol'jin
    -Cloak of the Banshee Queen
    -Alleria's Leather Jerkin

    Bindings for recipes "could" chance drop off of bosses in Battlegrounds, off of other enemy players, outdoor NPC Mobs, and the final piece drops from a faction leader.

    Unlocks a new "legendary" Battleground once X amount of bindings/gear is collected.

    Legendary Mounts "can" include [but not limited to]: Instance Bosses e.g. Mount Neferian Himself, Large Wolf (covered head -> toe in armor, spikes, chains; red eyes, blood dripping from mouth, growling sounds), and yes even Druid forms! (Who wouldn't want to be a wisp, dryad, or furbolg).

    Somethings could chance drop like Twin Blades of Azzinoth wheres others crafted like Thunderfury.

    A WoW lore character "finally" enters the PvP playing field (or so it appears to be!)

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    A lot of people are going to be really really pissed if that ever happens I'm just saying.

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    Honestly, I think it's a fine idea. Maybe not the mounts, as that'd drive the predominantly PVE pet and mount collectors crazy, but PVP fans are stuck doing enough PVE as it is. PVP legendaries are a more than reasonable concession.
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    Totally against, the reason I pvp right now is its not a time sink and with my job I only have a couple nights a week to play. Even now I wasn't full tyrannical till mid season and didn't reach 2100 till a few weeks ago, then you add more advantages to pvp, yeah my votes no. I would however love to see more titles, mounts, and visuals added to pvp. Challenge mode type of gear for getting Challenger rankings and up would be pretty awesome imo.

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    Even though I am not a PvP'er, I think the PvP community needs some attention. A full Legendary quest and reward for PvP should be included in the game. Could be something similar to the cloak the PvE community is working on but should not favor one class over the other (i.e. no pets - sorry).
    I hope Blizzard implements something like this which would help animosity between the PvE and PvP crowds.

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    How's legendary stuff related to pvp? Care to explain?

    PVE: you kill some big bad dragon/old god/crazy titan, you save the world - you get awesome (legendary) reward. Makes sense from my PoV.

    PVP: you kill another player, many players, with no reasons - why should you get awesome stuff? I can't see single reason :P
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