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    Aquamonkey -> My point was - all those stuff would be for high level characters and epic Dranei/Alliance quest line to get those ships for them would be something new and crazy. I don't say it is logical, it was just an idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yriel View Post
    So if you find the Horde races and traits so much more interesting, why did you chose Alliance as your faction ?
    I don't get this in several Alliance players here. They like everything about the Horde, the looks, the races, the lore and so on and hate the Alliance counterparts. I have to ask why they chose Alliance in the first place ?
    "I joined team blue but i hate the color blue. Red is so much more awesome. Red favouritism ! Change blue to red at once or i'll quit!"...
    Hooray, yet another person who seems to think you can only play one faction. I both play BOTH factions as EVERYONE should. That being said, I'm still entitled to think certain Alliance traits are boring. This is the perfect example of whats wrong with our community, somebody raises a valid complaint and others say "You aren't of my faction therefore your opinions and invalid"
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