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    I use the mouse buttons on the side (normally designed for going forward/backward on web pages) to strafe left and right. I don't have a fancy mouse like a Naga, so I don't have any other keybinds on it. I'd also note that I have auto run bound to my keyboard and use it very often

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    Option 2. I remapped strafing to A and D. For everything else there is the mouse. Q and E are both used for spells aswell als almost every other key around wasd
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    Pretty much theres no reason not unbind Q/E or A/D to open up for more binds.

    my A S and D are all unbound from movement.

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    I'll be honest, some of these answers surprise me, so I'm glad I asked. I'd never heard of anyone strafing with other buttons on their mouse (like on a Naga or a mouse with 5 buttons).

    To the people who strafe with their mouse, how do you strafe + use abilities then? Say like kiting with a hunter?

    FWIW, I also unbind my backpedal key so I only have 3 movement keys (A,W and D), although I do believe that is more rare as I see even Gladiators move backwards on occasion.

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    I use turn+mouse to strafe. somehow I can't let go of keyboard turning key (It's too convienient in towns or when I am lazy)

    I don't have pure strafe bound

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snuggli View Post
    You lose access to alt modifier though (unless you stuff your thumb under your hand).
    Alt is fine. I use esdf and it's actually easier to use alt than wasd

    problem is shift and ctrl becomes more difficult to use but that's another story

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    Yeah Shift and CTRL are pretty terrible for ewr or esf. It's generally best to mod your mouse buttons (If your mouse can do it) to CTRL, SHIFT and ALT. It puts much less stress on the left hand to stretch your pinky or thumb while hitting another button to activate an ability.
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    i rebind strafe to S and F, i have autorun on D and i usually autorun by default so i don't have to keep my finger on E constantly. of note, i DO have backpeddle bound to Shift-D because its pretty important in pve.

    i don't use ctl as a modifier if i can help it however because my hands are so tiny and i can't reach it comfortably and couldn't even when i used wasd

    i do this on pretty much every mmo/rbg/fps that i play regularly, it annoys the hell out of everyonwho tries to play games on my machine
    " I need a sec, my wrists hurt from spamming slam so hard. Playing cleave vs cleave is tough stuff guys"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pazzz View Post
    I'm in the group of remapping strafe to a+d....thats what the majority do I believe. If you really want to be a 3's partner has foot pedals that he has strafe bound to, and run's or turns with the mouse. whole key board is abilities lol. I can picture him stomping on the pedals.
    Oh god I have some nice rudder pedals for siming, going to try this when I get home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niberion View Post
    I either use my mouse + turn left/right keys to strafe or I just keyboard turn like a boss. I don't have strafe mapped anywhere, don't ask why.
    I do the exact same thing, don't have strafe bound either. Don't need to either I usually just have my right mouse buttong pressed down all the time... got gladiator with this playstyle and can't get used to anything else..

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    Mapped Strafe over A+D, same as FPS.
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    i guess im not surprised with how many people seem use wasd/esdf. it does surprise me, though, that there are not more people who use unusual keybinds. Strafing with F1 and F2 allows me to comfortably bind abilities to F3-F5, `-5, Q-T, A-F, and Z-X. It also allows for comfortable shift and alt modifiers.

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    wasd is so overrated, pl;' > everything else.
    (I'm obviously left handed )

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    Rogue was my first character, used to just strafe using A&D+Mouse. Rolled a caster and leant that it doesn't really work as a ranged character so rebound A&D to strafe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niberion View Post
    wasd is so overrated, pl;' > everything else.
    (I'm obviously left handed )
    Orly? I'm left-handed too, but I gave in to this oppressive right handed world!
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    No matter what I do or how many times I've tried, I cannot get used to Q and E being abilities. They will always be strafe for me. I dont know why

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    option two, A & D for strafing. used to have Q & E at the start, but then i started putting abilities onto the Q & E keys so i just moved it. besides, i never turn with anything except my mouse anyway

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    So just a follow up. If WoW came out today and you just wanted to PvP, would you want A and D to be mapped to strafe?

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